Free Invoice Generator

Generate and send invoices easily to your customers with Bookipi Invoice.  Make invoices in our mobile app and on our web version for desktop or laptop.  All of your invoices and details are synced across multiple devices. 

How to make an invoice with the Bookipi invoice generator

Create and send invoices to your customers with this simple guide:

Step 1: Sign up to make, send and save all your invoices.

Step 2: Add your company logo.

Step 3: Name your document type such as Invoice (You can also choose Estimate, Credit Note etc.)

Step 4: Add your company details including business number and address.

Step 5: Add your customer details.

Step 6: Add invoice details including:

  • Invoice number
  • Purchase order number
  • Due date
  • Tax details
  • Discounts

Step 7: Add in items

Step 8: Add payment instructions

Step 9: Press ‘preview’ to check what your final PDF invoice looks like.

Step 10: Press Send!

All of your invoices and changes are saved with Bookipi Invoice.

Create and send invoices on the go with Bookipi mobile app.

How to send an invoice using Bookipi Invoice generator

Preview your invoice to check your invoice details including costs, pricing and payment instructions for customers.

If you aren’t ready to send your invoice, your invoice is automatically saved in your account. You can also download your invoices as a PDF to review at any time.

When you’re ready to send an invoice, simply press ‘Send’.  

Your customer receives an email and can view your invoice as a PDF attachment like the one below.

free invoice template 1

Benefits of using Bookipi Invoice generator

As a new business, you may start making invoices manually using templates in Excel or Word. As your business grows, your business processes also need to evolve. Save time and reduce errors when making invoices using Bookipi Invoice.

The benefits of using Bookipi Invoice to generate invoices include:

1. Create professional invoices with a few simple clicks. Bookipi Invoice is easy to use and fast.
2. Make and send invoices conveniently. Send invoices whenever and wherever across your mobile, desktop or tablet. Everything is synced across all of your devices.
3. Save time by keeping regular invoices and customers in one spot. You can save customer details, and keep your history of item details including cost and description.
4. Add signatures to invoices. You can add your business signature and prompt your customer to sign. This is great for getting agreement on any terms and conditions for your business.
5. Download invoices as PDF to print and for record-keeping.
6. Track your invoices easily. Know when your customer opens your invoice through notifications.
7. Get paid by your customers and send receipts. With our card payments, customers can pay you directly from any invoices that you sent in Bookipi Invoice. You can also pass on credit surcharges and send receipts after you get paid.
8. See all of your invoices. All invoices are saved and categorized by date. Don’t waste your time searching for specific invoices.
9. Make reports for easy accounting. Generate overview reports for any invoices that you make and send.

Send and track invoices faster with an invoice generator mobile app

With the Bookipi Invoice mobile app, sending and tracking invoices is even easier. You can receive notifications on your mobile when your invoice has been read by customers.  Follow up on unpaid invoices easily by scheduling payment reminders in the Bookipi Invoice mobile app.

What does an invoice need to have?

If you’re making an invoice on your own, you would need to make sure you have these elements.  Using Bookipi Invoice, you can easily add all of these elements in our invoice generator.  An invoice is then automatically generated for you.

free invoice maker template description

1. Invoice Logo

Include your logo for branding and professionalism, at the top of your invoice.

2. Your business details in the invoice header

Make sure that you have your legal business name, business number and contact details including email address, phone number and business address.

3. Customer information and invoice number

Include your customers’ name, and contact details under the invoice header and logo.

It is also helpful to include details specific to the invoice including invoice number, invoice issued date and invoice payment due date.  Make sure that the invoice issued date is listed so that you can easily find invoices and make reports using Bookipi Invoice summaries.

Use invoice numbers to help organize your invoices.  Invoice numbers can also be easily referred to when speaking to customers. Bookipi Invoice automatically assigns invoice numbers for you which you can also change as required.

Add the invoice payment due date so that customers know when to pay you and you’re paid on time.

4. Item names, description and cost

Include your invoice line items with a clear description for each item. In this section, you can add the quantity and/or hours, cost per unit and the total cost for particular goods or services.  These can be saved and added with a few clicks in the Bookipi invoice generator.

5. Payment instructions

You need to include payment instructions on your invoice to get paid. You can also get paid with card payments in Bookipi Invoice with our guide.

6. The total amount owing and extra details

You can avoid any confusion and disagreement over pricing with customers by clearly setting out amounts and any extra details. It is helpful to include the total amount, any taxes (you can mark whether pricing is tax-inclusive or not), any partial payments made and a clear ‘Amount Due’ on the invoice.

7. Signature, notes and terms

Adding and getting your customers’ signatures can save time for you when you include a contract or terms and conditions with an invoice.  It is best to include penalties or late payment fees, additional charges and your preferred payment method.

Bookipi Invoice generator FAQs

Q: Is Bookipi Invoice generator free to use? 

A: Bookipi Invoice is free to use! You won’t pay a thing for creating and sending invoices.

Q: Is my data safe?

A:  Bookipi Invoice is compliant with all data laws and their relevant authorities. You can also view our privacy policy.

Q: I don’t like using mobile apps.  Can I use Bookipi Invoice on Web for desktop or laptop?

A: Bookipi invoice generator is available on Web for desktop, as well as our convenient mobile app.  You can send invoices from anywhere. Desktop and mobile data is also synced.  This means that you can send and view your invoices across all of your devices.  

Q: I want to create invoices on my mobile. Is there a Bookipi mobile app?

A: Bookipi invoice generator can be used from your mobile on our mobile app or your desktop on our Web version. Our mobile app is simple.  You can send invoices wherever you are in under a minute! Your data syncs across any devices you choose to use.

Q: Can I preview my invoice before it is sent?

A: All invoices can be previewed before you send them to your customer. Click on ‘Preview’ to check your invoice details before sending.

Q: Can I save my invoice as a PDF or print it?

A: To preview an invoice, click on the Printer button. Then, select the option to save the invoice as a PDF or print it.

Q: How can I use Bookipi Invoice?

A: Firstly, try the Bookipi Invoice mobile app or the Bookipi invoice generator in Bookipi Web version for free. Then, follow our tutorials. If you need help, please reach out to our Support team.

Q: Is Bookipi Invoice available in different languages?

A: Bookipi Invoice generator is available in 12 languages.  The languages include English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (Brasilian), Portuguese (Portugal), Indonesian, German, French, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified), Korean and Japanese.

Q: Can I get paid through Bookipi Invoice? What are the payment options?

A: You can easily set up payment options in your account Settings. Bookipi Invoice generator supports both Paypal and Stripe for credit card payments.

Q: What is an invoice? What do I need to put in an invoice?

A: Find out what is an invoice.  We cover the different parts of an invoice, what invoices are used for, who uses them and why you should be sending invoices to customers.

Q: Can I add my specific currency?

A: Bookipi Invoice generator supports all currency types.

Q: Can I add taxes?

A: You can show taxes on any invoices using the Bookipi invoice generator.  You can set up a tax section in your account Settings. Add your country’s relevant tax and set pricing as tax-inclusive, additional or deductible. You can also add taxes to an item’s description.

Q: My business provides services.  Can I issue invoices for hours worked? 

A: Bookipi invoice generator supports any small business whether it provides products or services.  You can pick whether your units are recorded in hours or as a quantity. Freelancers and merchants can generate invoices for hours worked and products sold.

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