Free Deposit Receipt Templates

Access a variety of deposit receipt templates to streamline your deposit documentation process. Whether you’re collecting deposits for rentals, services, or purchases, our free receipt templates are designed to meet your needs and help you maintain accurate records.

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Download free deposit templates

Download our free deposit templates below. Our templates are available in Word, Excel, Google Docs and Google Sheets.

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Downloadable templates for deposit receipts

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on deposit receipts

To create a professional deposit receipt, start by including your company’s name and contact information at the top of the receipt. Next, clearly state that it is a “Deposit Receipt” in bold or capitalized letters. Include the date of the transaction and the amount of the deposit received. Specify the purpose of the deposit, whether it’s for a rental, service, or purchase. Provide details about the payer, including their name, contact information, and any relevant identification numbers. Finally, include a space for signatures from both the payer and the recipient to acknowledge the transaction.

The basic information required in deposit receipts should include (but not limited to):

  1. Company name and contact information
  2. Date of the transaction
  3. Amount of the deposit received
  4. Purpose of the deposit (e.g., rental, service, purchase)
  5. Payer’s name and contact information
  6. Any relevant identification numbers (e.g., account number, invoice number)
  7. Signatures of both the payer and the recipient