Free pressure washing estimate templates

Make professional business estimates for surface pressure cleaning and sealing services. Close more business by using our downloadable free pressure cleaning estimate templates to inform clients of estimated pricing.   

Take the pressure off making estimates manually and doing quote paperwork. Save time using Bookipi’s online estimator software to generate and send professional business estimates for pressure washing jobs in minutes. 

Download free pressure washing & cleaning estimate templates

Our fully customizable pre-made estimate templates for handyman services provide a great base to get you started with handyman estimate examples. Get business estimate templatesfor pressure washing in a range of file formats like Google Slides, Google Docs, MS Powerpoint and Microsoft Word. 

Download, customize and make accurate pre-formatted pressure cleaning estimates for your small business.

Draft a business estimate for pressure washing and sealing services using our step-by-step guide below:

  1. Scope pressure cleaning services – Assess the residential home or commercial site areas to be cleaned. Understand the type and condition of surfaces to be cleaned.
  2. Measure the size in terms of square footage of the area to be pressure washed
  3. Make cost estimate – Estimate materials required like any special cleaning agents and equipment usage. Specify labor costs including hourly rates, approximate work hours and fixed costs.
  4. Add a percentage (5-10%) to cover unexpected issues for contingencies and to preserve your profit margin. 
  5. Download our free cost estimate templates for pressure washing work and tailor estimates to suit your business’ branding and job requirements. For faster estimate creation, try Bookipi’s estimate and invoice maker software for free. Review and send estimates, and even request online signatures from clients. 

A pressure washing estimate should clearly outline pricing and included services. Client estimates should have the following key elements:

  1. Your pressure washing business’ information including licenses and certifications.
  2. Customer’s information
  3. Pressure washing estimate number and date – Keep your jobs organized and speak to customers easily by issuing unique estimate numbers.
  4. Description of pressure washing services. Detail the surface type/s like brick, concrete, siding and more. List the surface areas including driveways, decks, sidewalks, patios, exterior walls and fences. State the pressure washing techniques to be used like hot water pressure cleaning, soft washing or chemical cleaning.
  5. Pricing including any material costs & labor costs
  6. List any extra services and charges like sealants, special treatments or repairs
  7. Subtotal amounts of materials and labor – These subtotals should exclude any taxes or discounts.
  8. Total pressure washing estimated cost – State the likely amount that a client will pay. When your pressure washing business is ready to bill, you’d list the final amount payable on an invoice. To bill a client, download and customize our free small business invoice templates or use Bookipi’s online invoice generator
  9. Terms and conditions – Add payment terms, liability issues, rescheduling policies related to weather, cancellation policies, and preferred payment methods.
  10. Other notes – State the validity duration of your pressure washing estimate. Add extra information like insurance coverage and the expected work start date.
  11. Signature section – It could help to request your client to sign and date the estimate. This helps your pressure washing business be more confident about issuing a more formal quote and plan when to start work. 

When you’re ready to bill clients, you can download our free small business invoice templates. To streamline your sales and bill processes, send estimates and invoices for pressure washing jobs using Bookipi.

Try our all-in-one estimate and invoice software for small businesses. Send and track any sales documents, and get paid on time by clients.

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