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If you’re a cleaner or you own a cleaning business, you need a simple and easy way to bill your customers. Download our free invoice templates for cleaning services. If you want to make sending invoices even easier, try using Bookipi invoice app! Use Bookipi Invoice to instantly create and send invoices to your clients, and even get paid via our card payments feature.

Download free invoice templates for cleaners

Find our collection of invoice templates for cleaning businesses below. Download cleaning invoice templates in different file formats including WordExcelGoogle DocsGoogle Sheets and PDF for free. 

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Find our complete collection of invoice templates for different business needs and job types below:

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Download free invoice templates by Job or Business Types

An invoice for cleaning services should be clear and easy to read. Your invoice should detail what the invoice is for and what is payable for the services provided. Include all costs payable, any taxes and material costs.  Use our professional cleaning invoice template designs to make invoices.  Our cleaning invoice templates highlight important information for you to add.  As a self-employed cleaner, you can make a simple cleaning invoice in a few steps:

Step 1:  Enter your business information and save these to the invoice template.  Save time and customize the invoice template with your details so you don’t have to add them to future invoices.  

Step 2:  Add the information specific to the transaction. This includes the customer’s details and the services performed. 

Step 3:  Add your payment terms, instructions and the due date of the payment. If there is any special information for this transaction, add it to the invoice. 

Step 4:  Add a unique invoice number so you can better manage and organise your invoices at a later date. 

Step 5:  Review your cleaning invoice before sending it to make sure you aren’t missing any information that will stop you from getting paid.

Download our free cleaning invoice templates and fill in all the important information you need to get paid.  Our templates are perfect for self-employed cleaners as they’re easy-to-use. You can add any special information specific to the services you provided the client.  Our house cleaning or general cleaning invoice templates look professional and well-designed. As a cleaner, you might not have design experience. Our invoice template is already professionally designed for you. 

Automate these steps with an invoice app like Bookipi Invoice to generate invoices. Our invoicing app saves time for Create and send an invoice in under a minute. Our invoicing app saves time for self-employed cleaners and cleaning businesses of any size.  Bookipi Invoice calculates invoice totals, assigns invoice numbers, and more.  The best part of our invoicing app is that all your invoices and invoicing history is in the one spot. 

For more information, check out our blog posts on what is an invoice and how to make an invoice.

Billing for cleaning services depends on the duration, pricing and frequency of the services being provided.  You can invoice for cleaning services in several ways including:

  1. Hourly rates – This common method involves billing clients for the number of hours worked by cleaning staff.
  2. Fixed amount or flat rate – Charging a fixed amount agreed on with the customer is useful for once-off cleaning jobs such as move-in or move-out cleaning.
  3. Per square foot/metre – Cleaning businesses may use a per square foot or metre based area method of billing for commercial spaces including offices and warehouses.
  4. Retainer – You can charge a predetermined fee for regular cleaning services that may occur weekly, monthly and more.

It’s important for your small cleaning business to specify the billing terms in an invoice using our cleaning invoice templates above or our invoice app

Using cleaning invoice templates may not always be the best invoicing solution for cleaners.  Filling out invoice templates requires manual data entry and can take a lot of time.  

Editing the design of an invoice template can be challenging if you don’t have the time or right experience. As soon as you add an extra section or your text is too long, your invoice template design can break. You’ll also find it harder to keep invoices organised. Organising and maintaining good invoice administration can take up valuable time.

An invoice generator like Bookipi Invoice automates the manual parts of using invoice templates.  Using the Bookipi invoicing mobile app is even more convenient than using cleaning invoice templates. Cleaning services can be a high volume business where there are repeat and regular customers.  With Bookipi Invoice, you can add your business information and save client details to be added to all future invoices.  Your invoice data and history is synced across all devices including mobile app and web.

Our invoicing mobile app is an online invoice generator and organizer in one. An unique invoice number is generated every time you make an invoice.  Search invoices by invoice number or your issue date. Save even more time and speed up payments with our credit card payments feature. 

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