Construction invoice templates

Construction businesses need a quick and easy way to invoice their clients for the work they do.

We’ve created this collection of construction invoice templates for you to download and use as many times as you want for free.

If you want to make your billing even better, we also have a free invoice generator that you can use to create an invoice in under a minute.

Download free invoice templates for construction businesses

Below, you’ll find our collection of construction invoice templates. The invoice templates are available in a range of designs and formats, including Word, Excel. Google Sheets and Google Docs. All the templates are free for you to download and use as you please.

free invoice generator

If you can’t find an invoice template that fits your needs, check out our complete invoice template collection. This collection features invoices with different designs, formats and industries.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, send us a message and we’ll make it for you!

Alternatively, you can use Bookipi Invoice. Bookipi Invoice creates an invoice for you based on the information you enter in the app.

What does a construction invoice template need?

A construction invoice template needs to be clear. At the end of the day, you want to get paid and get paid the correct amount. This comes down to two important things – a readable design and the correct invoice information. The invoice design should be laid out in a way that you could glance at the invoice and easily read all information. A good invoice design will also make you look more professional. The other part of a good construction invoice is having the correct information. If you’re missing any key information about the transaction, that could affect what you get paid.

Important details to include on your invoice are:

  • Your contact and business information
  • Your customer’s contact information
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice issue date and payment due date
  • Construction duties performed
  • The amount of time spent performing the construction duties or the amount of construction duties provided
  • Costs for each construction duty
  • Material costs to be charged to the client
  • Any travel costs to be charged to the client
  • Total cost of all the construction services
  • Any tax payable
  • How the payment is structured
  • Accepted payment methods (with account numbers)
  • Additional information like licenses or project timelines
  • Terms and conditions

While the above list will likely work for most construction businesses, there might be additional information that your invoice needs. This information relates to the specific area of construction that you work in.

How do I make a construction invoice?

You can use our construction invoice templates to make your construction invoice. Simply fill in the key sections outlined in the template with the necessary information for this particular invoice, including business details, payment info, costs and invoice items. Next, customise any of these sections and add in information not already outlined in the invoice. This information could be industry specific information or any information that relates specifically to the job you are billing for. Adjust the invoice number so this invoice has its own unique invoice number. The invoice should be complete but take one final look to see if you are missing any information. Specifically look for information that will affect you getting paid.

For more information on invoicing, check out our blog posts on what is an invoice and how to make an invoice.

An alternative to invoice templates is a free invoice maker like Bookipi Invoice. Simply enter in all the information you need where the app asks for it and it will be made for you. Your invoice is automatically assigned a unique invoice number and the app automatically adds standard information that won’t change on your invoice. You also won’t need to worry about calculating totals as it is all done by the app.

Benefits of using a construction invoice template

Using a construction invoice template can provide your construction business with several benefits. Most importantly, they help you get paid for your work. Our design team has created this collection of invoice templates so you won’t need to do any designing yourself. The invoice templates make your business look organised and professional, helping your business’ brand. Your business and accounting processes will be better managed, making it easier for you when you need to do your taxes.

Invoice alternatives to construction invoice templates

Construction invoice templates are not perfect. Filling out invoice templates is not a practical use of your time. The time you waste re-entering information every time you invoice is time you could be using for something more worthwhile. The design is also too fiddly. You can end up spending ridiculous amounts of time making it aligned and neat every time you need to enter custom information. Organising your invoices is also really difficult. It takes time, resources and energy that you likely don’t have, just to keep them organised for accounting. Invoice templates might work if you only send a few invoices but if you’re invoicing regularly, you need a more efficient solution.

Bookipi Invoice aims to solve these problems. Bookipi Invoice is a free and practical accounting solution available on mobile and web. You can use it to create and send an invoice in under a minute. The app does all the designing for you so you won’t need to spend a single second on the design. The software saves your customers, business details and items so you can add the invoice items in just a few clicks. On top of that, your invoices are automatically organised and sorted based on invoice number or issue date. Bookipi Invoice also has stacks of great features like credit card payments, signatures and read receipts.