Free construction & trades invoice templates

Construction and trades businesses need an easy way to invoice their clients for the work they do.  Download construction invoice templates from our collection to use as many times as you want for free.

Your construction work may be complex or your trades jobs may be high volume and frequent.  Workers in the construction and trades industry share the common need to save time and do administration on the job from anywhere.  To save even more time, try our invoice generator for free on mobile app or web to make invoices wherever you are.

Download free invoice templates for construction businesses

You’ll find our collection of free construction invoice templates below. Our free construction invoice templates are available in a range of file formats including Word, Excel, Google DocsGoogle Sheets and PDF.

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If you can’t find an invoice template that fits your needs, check out our complete invoice template collection for different business needs.

Alternatively, you can use Bookipi Invoice maker to create and send invoices to your clients in minutes.

Download free Special Purpose invoice templates

Construction invoices need to be clear. At the end of the day, you want to get paid and get paid the correct amount. This comes down to two important things: a readable and professional design, and the correct invoice information. 

Good invoice design will make you look more professional and make it easier for clients to pay you on time. If you’re missing any key information about the transaction, that could affect what you get paid.

Important details to have on your invoice for construction projects and trades work include the following:

  • Your business information and contact details.  Include the name, address, phone number, email address, and other relevant contact information.
  • Your customer’s contact information
  • Unique invoice number to identify the particular construction project or trades services provided
  • Date of service. Include the date or range of dates when the construction or trades services were provided.
  • Invoice issue date 
  • Payment due date
  • Description of construction or trade services provided in separate line items. List the services performed or materials supplied for the project.
  • Quantity for services or materials.  This can include the amount of time spent or hours worked, and actual quantity of materials provided.
  • Costs for each service or goods line item. 
  • Material costs to be charged to the client
  • Any travel costs to be charged to the client
  • Any tax payable or fees to be levied
  • Total amount due for the construction or trades project. Add up all the costs and taxes.
  • How the payment is structured including any deposit required, and timeline for payment of the balance.
  • Accepted payment methods including bank account details for receiving payment. 
  • Additional information like licenses or project timelines
  • Payment Terms including payment deadlines, and any late payment fees or penalties.
  • Other terms and conditions

The list above will likely work for most construction businesses.  Include any additional information on your invoice for your specific area of construction or trades whether it is a home renovation or an electrical job.  It’s important to ensure that your invoice is clear, accurate, and easy to understand to avoid any confusion or disputes.

You can use our construction invoice templates to make your construction invoice. Simply fill in the key sections outlined in the construction invoice templates including business details, payment information, costs and invoice items. 

Next, you can customize any section of a construction invoice template. Adjust the invoice number so your invoice has its own unique invoice number.  For more information on invoicing, check out our blog posts on what is an invoice and how to make an invoice.

Construction and trades projects can be complex.  You may need to include various line items for hours worked relating to construction labor services, and costs of materials used.  Using an easy invoice maker like Bookipi Invoice is ideal when there your construction project has many details and requires several line items.  Simply enter all the information you need when you are prompted by the app and an invoice is made in minutes. You also won’t need to worry about calculating totals and your invoice is automatically assigned an unique invoice number.

Filling out invoice templates for construction and trades work is not a good use of your time. The time you waste re-entering information every time you invoice is time you could be using for something more worthwhile. The design is also too fiddly. You can end up spending ridiculous amounts of time aligning invoice details. Organising your invoice documents can also be really difficult. It takes time and energy to keep invoices organized for accounting and record-keeping. Invoice templates might work if you only send a few invoices but if you’re invoicing regularly, you need a more efficient solution.

Using Bookipi Invoice can help resolve these invoicing and accounting issues.  You don’t need to spend any time on invoice design.  Available on mobile app and web, you can use our invoicing solution as an invoice maker and organizer in one.  Our invoicing software saves your customers, business details and items.  With your invoicing history available to you wherever you are, you can add invoice items for specific invoices in just a few clicks. Your invoices are also automatically organized and sorted based on invoice number or issue date. You can also get paid faster with other features including our credit card payments integration, adding signatures and read receipts.

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