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Business owners don’t start a business to do paperwork and invoicing. We make it easier for you to make and send invoices to your clients. Pick a free invoice template from our collection or try Bookipi Invoice app to get started with invoicing. Leverage our software for invoices on web for more small business essentials, we’ve even upgrade our interface to get you set up quicker.

Download and edit simple invoice templates for free

Discover a range of free templates for business invoices that you can download and use as you need. Our free invoice templates are available in different file formats, including Word, Excel, Google DocsGoogle Sheets and PDF.  Find an online invoice template that suits your job type and business needs below.

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Invoices are your final interaction with your client. Business invoices are also the document you use to request the payment. The invoice you send needs to look professional and be easy to read. Read how Josh (and others like him) first started making invoices using Excel for each customer before streamlining his bookkeeping with our invoice generator.
Our free invoice templates include all necessary information to ensure you get paid. Sending an invoice on Bookipi is a simple and quick process, you’ll spend less time invoicing and more time doing the work you enjoy. Try using Bookipi Invoice app to make an invoice online in minutes.

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Download and edit invoice templates for Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is one of the best-known document creation software available. Often, this will be one of the only licences that a small business owner purchases. If this sounds like you, our Invoice templates for Word will suit you. Our Word invoice template is fully customizable and designed to look great to give you the best results possible!

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Free invoice templates for Microsoft Excel

If you need to perform fee calculations for your invoice, our Invoice template for Microsoft Excel will work for you. The invoice template can be opened in an Excel spreadsheet where you can input the necessary values and calculate your totals as needed. Once again, you can customize it to your liking. The design is done for you, giving you the results that you need.

Fillable invoice templates for Google Docs

Many users are shifting towards cloud-based software for document creation. To replace Word, many are using Google Docs to create documents and invoices. If you’re one such business owner, you’ll like our invoice template for Google Docs. You can customise it to your liking and trust the design to deliver you great results.

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Basic invoice templates for Google Sheets

If you are looking for a way to invoice that is both cloud-based and lets you calculate equations, you should check out our Invoice templates for Google Sheets. Like Microsoft Excel, the template will take care of the calculations for you but unlike Excel, it is stored in the cloud. You can customise the template as needed and feel good knowing you won’t have to worry about the design.

Printable invoice templates for PDF

PDF documents have become extremely popular over the last few as they can be viewed on any operating system. It would come as no surprise that they have become a popular choice for invoicing. Our Invoice template for PDF can help you to create professional looking invoices to send to your clients. You can modify it as needed but once you send it to your client, it is hard for them to make modifications.

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An invoice is a document given to a buyer by a seller to ask for a payment. A good invoice outlines all details, including who it is between, the products and/or services it is for and how your customer can make payment. An invoice is the document that starts the payment process. 

Your customers read invoices to understand how much they need and how to pay you. 

An invoice is the last piece of contact and communication that you have with your customer. This means it is the last piece of communication between you and your client before they pay you. If your invoice isn’t clear, it can stand in the way of you and your money which as a small business owner, you can’t risk. You want to format invoices professionally to boost your business credibility.  

What to include on your invoice depends on the industry your business is in. Our standard invoice templates list necessary invoice details that include the following:

  • Your contact and business details
  • The customer’s contact and business details
  • A unique identifying invoice number
  • Date of issue and payment due date
  • A list of products and/or services provided with their associated costs
  • Total costs and taxes
  • Payment instructions
  • Terms and conditions

Try Bookipi’s invoicing software for free to get started on making a good invoice. 

An invoice is a key part of the payment process. 

There are several ways organize your list of products and/or services. For large jobs, you may want to group products and/or services based on date of delivery. You can also group similar products and/or services under invoice categories.

By downloading our invoice templates, you can see what makes a good invoice. You can use our invoice templates to as a baseline for your business to make invoices.

Use Bookipi Invoice for the fastest way to make invoices and for easier organization.  Save all your invoices, customers and items to use, edit and manage again for future invoices. You also can accept payments when you make invoices through the Bookipi invoicing app.

The best way to send an invoice depends on your industry and the products and/or services you sell. Often, if you sell a product, you’ll send the invoice as soon as the purchase is made.

If you sell a service, you may send the invoice after the services are completed. Alternatively, if it is a large order, you might break up the payment and send multiple invoices.

You can send an invoice in a few different ways. You can email them a PDF or print the invoice for clients. 

For seamless making and sending of invoices,  use Bookipi Invoice Generator to send e-invoices to your clients.

Learn when to send invoices to clients with our simple tutorial for small businesses.

If you’re ready to automate your invoicing even more, try Bookipi’s invoicing software for free. Invoice design is taken care of for you. Create invoices in under a minute with the easiest invoicing software. Enter your invoice items and clients into the app to add to your invoices with just one click.

All your invoices are saved and sorted in one spot. Bookipi’s all-in-one small business software takes care of sales documents from quoting & estimates, making business proposals, accepting online signatures and all the way through to geting paid. You can accept online credit card payments from clients direct from invoices.

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