Free painting estimate templates

Get on top of winning more paint work by sending professional estimates as part of your quote and sales process. Download and customize our free paint estimate templates to get started on making concise client estimates for paint jobs. 

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Download free editable painting job quote templates

Our downloadable painting estimate templates provide a good estimate format for your small business. Customize our paint estimate templates in MS Word, Excel, Google Sheets or Google Docs to suit your residential or commercial painting work. Easily add and adjust line items to cover details specific to your paint pricing estimate.

Download our free pre-formatted estimate templates for painting businesses and make amendments for your specific professional paint job. 

Editable free paint estimate templates in a range of file formats

Follow our step-by-step guide below to draft and make a paint job estimate for clients:

  1. Scope the painting work with client consultation – Inspect the residential house or commercial site to measure the area to be painted, understand surface conditions and discuss client preferences.
  2. Measure square footage of the area to be painted – Consider length and height dimensions of walls, ceilings, doors and windows.  
  3. Calculate raw material costs like paints – Estimate paint and materials required taking into account paint types, number of coats, desired paint colors and total square footage.   
  4. Estimate labor costs – Consider time needed for prep work, painting and clean-up.
  5. Factor a contingency fund to ensure profit for your painting business – You’d typically add a percentage (5-10%) to cover unexpected issues. 
  6. Download our free painting estimate templates and customize to make your own draft paint estimate. Alternatively, speed up the estimation process and try Bookipi for free.  Make and send pre-formatted estimates for painting services in minutes. You can even request online signatures from clients. 
  7. Be ready to walk clients through your estimate for painting work, follow up and answer any questions to close the sale.

Painting businesses need to factor in very specific details around surface areas, types of strokes, repair needs and color choices in painting work. A clear paint job estimate includes the following important sections:

  • Your painting business’ information
  • Customer’s information
  • Estimate number and date – This helps to reference paint jobs, and track estimates and sales.
  • Description of painting services – List tasks like interior painting, exterior painting, cleaning, sanding, caulking, priming and decorative painting.
  • Itemized material costs and labor costs. Include paint types like latex, acrylic and oil-based, finishes like matte, semi-gloss and gloss and the number of coats. You should include approximate work hours, any fixed costs and hourly work rates.
  • Include any extra services and fees for renting special equipment like scaffolding or lifts, travel costs, special paint finishes and preparation work including priming or sanding services.
  • Subtotal amounts before adding any taxes or discounts.
  • Total paint job estimate – State the final amount that a client is estimated to pay. Your painting business can confirm the actual invoice amount on a paint invoice when you’re ready to formally bill clients.
  • Terms and conditions – Outline terms for payment, payment schedules, disclaimers around changes in work scope, preferred payment methods and a cancellation policy. 
  • Other notes – List the date that your painting estimate is valid until.  You can also include additional information like next availability and start date for painting work.
  • Warranty information – Outline any guarantees or warranties around paint durability or quality of paint workmanship.
  • Signature section – You can request your client to sign and date the estimate. Client signatures gives your painting business more certainty that the client is serious. 

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