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As a photographer or videographer, you need a way to easily bill your clients for the work you do.  Make sure you get paid for your creative work by providing professional invoices to your clients. Save time invoicing when you download our free invoice templates for photography, videography and other creative services. 

Use our invoice generator to speed up invoicing even more.  Bookipi’s invoice maker and organizer syncs across all your devices including mobile app and web so you can send and see your invoices from anywhere.  

Download free invoice templates for photographers

Find our photography and videography invoice templates below in different file formats including WordExcelGoogle Docs and Google Sheets

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Download and customize an invoice template from our collection to suit your business needs. Check out our other customizable invoice templates below. Alternatively, use Bookipi Invoice maker to make and send invoices to clients with a few taps. Simply enter invoice details and generate professional invoices for your photography or videography business.

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An alternative to using invoice templates

With Bookipi Invoice, you can easily generate invoices and save your customer and invoice details for future use.

Photography, videography and creative services are time-consuming jobs.  As a creative professional, you want to be paid on time for your hard work including providing the services on-site at a shoot as well as after-hours with editing services.  You need professional invoices that clearly state your photography services provided, the agreed price and any terms and conditions around non-payment and dispute resolution.  Having professional invoices with concise payment terms will help your customers pay you before or at least on the due date.   

Use our invoice templates for a range of events including weddings, travel and sport, as well as various jobs like portraits, real estate, nature, aerial, advertising and photojournalism.

A photography invoice template requires a few things to be effective. The first thing is a good design. The design needs to be well structured so that it is readable and the client can easily look at it and tell what they need to be paying. A good design also makes your business look professional and organised. The second thing you need is the important information relevant to your invoice and payment. The client needs to have all the necessary information on the invoice to be able to pay you the correct amount.

Your photography or videography invoice should be clearly named as an “Invoice” and include the following information: 

  • Your contact and business information
  • Your customer’s contact information
  • An unique invoice number as a point of reference for you and your client
  • Invoice issue date 
  • Payment due date
  • Summary of photography or videography duties performed
  • Any expenses incurred that will be passed onto the client including proof like receipts
  • Number of hours worked or quantity of goods provided 
  • Costs for the photography or videography services
  • Any taxes payable
  • Total cost of all the photography or videography services and whether taxes are included
  • How the payment is structured including any deposits required and payment schedules
  • Payment policy including payment terms, preferred payment methods like bank details and any late payment penalties
  • Additional information like licenses or project timelines
  • Terms and conditions including special clauses around quality of services provided
A simple way to make invoices using our customizable invoice templates for photographers and creators. Our invoice templates prompt you to add the important invoice information above. Try Bookipi Invoice on mobile app and web. Make and send professional invoices from anywhere with Bookipi Invoice.  Your customers, business details and items are saved in the app so you can add everything with a few taps. Automatically organize and sort invoices by invoice number or issue date.  Encourage early payment by clients when you integrate credit card payments, accept signatures and enable read receipts. Read about what is an invoice and how to make an invoice for invoicing tips to get you paid.  


As a photographer, you can consider including the following attachments to your invoice:

  1. A detailed and itemized list of services provided and a breakdown of charges.  This includes the number of hours you worked, the type of photography services provided, and any additional charges such as equipment rental, travel expenses and editing fees.
  2. A copyright release form that outlines the terms of transfer relating to copyright of your photographs to a client.
  3. Links to an online gallery or a photo proof sheet.  Customers can select which photos to purchase from all the available photos you took.
  4. A print release form granting customers permission to print photos. 

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