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Catering businesses need a simple and easy way to charge their clients for their services.  Use our free catering invoice templates to bill clients for catering business meetings, weddings, parties, social gatherings and other special events.  With our catering invoice templates, you can provide your client an itemized list of the food services that you provide, costs and terms that apply.

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Find our collection of catering invoice templates in different file formats including WordExcelGoogle DocsGoogle Sheets and PDF. Bookipi’s catering invoice templates are free for you to download and use as you please.

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If none of the above templates work for you, check out our complete invoice template collection or click here for different business types.

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It’s important to provide clients a formal document that summarises the catering work that you’ve done for food services. An invoice serves as a payment request. Catering invoice record-keeping is also helpful when it comes to tax time. 

A catering invoice should be clear and contain all the important invoice information. The information your catering invoice should have includes the following:

  1. Your contact and business information including website, logo and other branding. 
  2. Your customer’s contact information
  3. Unique invoice number
  4. Invoice issue date and payment due date
  5. Catering date/s
  6. Catering services being provided including descriptions of food and drinks being provided.  Your catering services may also include other line items such as cutlery, plating rentals, waitressing and servers, catering set-up, custom menus and post even clean-up services.
  7. Any expenses incurred that will be passed onto the client (including attaching receipts for proof) such as delivery or other services
  8. Quantity of catering services provided
  9. Costs of the catering services
  10. Any tax payable
  11. Any discounts that may be applied for corporate or regular clients
  12. Invoice total – a calculation of what you’re charging for all catering services less any discounts.
  13. How the payment is structured
  14. Accepted payment methods including any bank transfer details and terms of payment
  15. Add a note to thank your customers for their business
  16. Additional information including alcohol licensing, information about the event being catered for and even promotional information for repeat business such as your ability to cater for other special events or different cuisines.
  17. Terms and conditions

An easy way to make a catering invoice is to use our catering invoice templates. We already have the sections listed above that you require. Simply, fill in the relevant sections of the template.  You should always quickly check your invoices before sending to ensure you get paid on time.  If you have any additional information that you would like the customer to know, you should also add this to the invoice.  Our professional invoice templates will reflect well on your business and business practices.  

Invoice templates work well if you only have a few simple items to add.  Caterers often need to add many line items for food preparation, additional services and other expenses.  Consider using Bookipi invoice generator to make your invoices. With Bookipi Invoice app, you can fill out your invoice in a matter of clicks. All your totals are calculated saving you time.  Keep your invoices organised with our automatic invoice number generation and search functions.

For more information on invoicing, check out our blog posts on what is an invoice and how to make an invoice.

Pricing for catering jobs can be challenging. Consider whether to price your catering job on a per head or person basis, per serving basis, cost per dish, or fixed price for an agreed number of people. Billing for catering services will depend on a few factors including:

  • Your customer’s choice of catering menu and services. 
  • The number of guests for the event that you’re catering.
  • Your business’ food, drink and labour costs.
  • Factor in your profit margin as a percentage or flat fee on top of your raw catering costs. 

With our invoice templates for caterers, bill your clients for your catering services by adding as many line items as you like.  For greater speed, you can use the Bookipi invoicing app to make catering invoices on the go. 

To avoid potential catering service disputes, your catering invoice should be detailed and easily understandable.  It is important to add an itemized summary of the catering services that you are providing including any incidental charges such as service charges. It is often helpful to specify what is not included as well for extra clarity.  Protect your catering business by adding terms and conditions over dietary requirements, event cancellation, deposit amounts and more.

Using catering invoice templates for your small business are far from perfect.  They are not ideal if you bill many clients or bill clients regularly. In these situations, using catering invoice templates can be time-consuming and as a small business owner, time is everything. Making invoices from a template involves a lot of tedious manual entry. 

In terms of design, they also can get very fiddly when you need to add multiple line items or sections. Using invoice templates can be hard to organize.  Bookipi Invoice is an effective invoicing solution for caterers.  Bookipi Invoice mobile app takes care of invoice design so that you can make invoices in minutes. 

All you need to do is add your invoice details. Customer details and invoice items are saved in the Bookipi Invoice mobile app.  You can add customer and invoice details to your invoice with just a few clicks. Other great time-saving features include credit card payments, signatures and read receipts.

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