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Sending consulting proposals to clients is a key part of winning new business consulting jobs. Impress clients with professionally formatted consulting proposals that clearly lay out your proposed solution, consulting project timelines, pricing and your track record as a consultant. 

Download and amend our free consulting proposal templates to efficiently structure and present your consulting services. To speed up your consulting sales process, try Bookipi’s online consulting proposal maker for free. Get pre-formatted consulting proposal examples and edit to meet your specific consulting needs.

Download free editable consulting proposal templates

Download our free proposal templates for consulting services that are available in a range of file formats including Google Slides, Google Docs, MS Powerpoint and Microsoft Word. Consulting work is unique by nature.  Therefore, consulting proposals need to be tailored to specific clients and projects. Our consultant proposal templates have all the necessary sections so your consulting business is best placed to win new work. 

Our free consultant proposal templates are suitable to use for all niches whether it’s for an app development proposal, web development proposal, business improvement proposal, investment proposal, sponsorship proposal or market research proposal. 

Google Slides - Free Proposal Template

Google Docs - Free Proposal Template

Free Powerpoint Proposal Template

Free Business Proposal Template Word

Consulting proposals are sales documents that outline a proposed solution and recommends consulting services in response to a client’s problem. A consulting proposal is an important tool in the business consulting sales process. Consulting proposals establish expectations with the client and showcase your consulting business’ professionalism. 

A consulting proposal outlines prospective clients’ needs, proposed consulting services to address a problem, a suggested timeline and pricing. Larger business and government clients may issue ‘requests for proposals’ (RFPs). Consultants can use consulting proposals to respond to RFPs when pitching for more complex consulting projects.

Proposals for consulting services act as roadmaps for consulting engagements. Small businesses should use consulting proposals to outline projects in detail because often consulting work is complex in nature.

Consultant proposals are helpful to win new projects like business process improvement, implementing new systems, developing strategies, or providing competitive insights. Consulting proposals help clients evaluate the suitability of your consulting services for a particular job. You can use consultant proposals as powerful tools to help you secure new consulting work. Use Bookipi’s simple consulting proposal software to make, send and track consultant proposals in one spot.  

Writing a professional consulting proposal takes time. However, using Bookipi’s proposal software for consultants makes this part of the sales process much faster.

Below are the key steps to follow when making a proposal for consulting work:

  1. Understand your clients’ needs – It’s important to have a detailed initial consultation to understand your clients’ challenges, goals and expectations around quality of consulting work.
  2. Undertake research for your client – Take the time to thoroughly understand your clients’ business or organization, industry, competitors and market conditions. This is important in order to effectively tailor your consulting proposal and proposed solution.
  3. Define the scope of consulting work – Outline the consulting services that your consultancy offers and define what isn’t covered.
  4. Outline clear measurable outcomes – Being able to quantify client deliverables helps prove the value of your consulting work. Examples of measurable goals include the number of systems implementations achieved or a 10% uplift in productivity.
  5. Make a professional consulting proposal – Download our free editable consulting proposal templates to effectively structure a consulting proposal. Save even more time by trying Bookipi’s consulting proposal maker for free. Make and edit professional consultant proposals in minutes, and store everything in one place. You can access your history of consulting proposals from anywhere. You can even accept deposit amounts online from clients, powered securely by Stripe.

A consulting proposal must be comprehensive in order to address your clients’ needs and give your clients confidence as to your consulting expertise. Follow our step-by-step guide to writing a winning consulting proposal below:

  1. Executive summary – Start with a concise introduction to your consulting proposal. Your introduction should outline your understanding of the client’s specific needs and challenges. 
  2. Proposed solution – Present a summary of your proposed solution and how your consulting services will address your client’s challenges.
  3. Detailed methodology section – Include steps and techniques to implement your solution as a consultant.
  4. Consulting project timeline – Detail milestones and target deadlines for delivery of consulting work.  
  5. Pricing and costs – Outline your fees for consulting services like whether it’s a fixed price, hourly rates or retainer. Include any additional fees for outsourced services. List your consulting business’ payment terms, conditions and any disclaimers as to the quality of consulting work.  
  6. Qualifications and case studies – Showcase the educational qualifications of your consulting team.  Include client testimonials and provide examples of client satisfaction with your past successes.  
  7. Call to action – Conclude your consulting proposal by inviting the client to ‘accept’ your consulting proposal. Your client can formally accept consulting proposals from anywhere digitally using Bookipi’s online consulting proposal software
  8. Appendices – Attach any supporting documentation that may be helpful to your client’s industry and project.

Our free consultant templates are pre-formatted but also editable. You don’t have to make professional consulting proposals from scratch.

Alternatively, try using the easiest consulting proposal software by Bookipi, for free. 

Generate, customize and send professional proposals for consulting services to clients from anywhere.

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