Free handyman estimate templates

Stay on top of billing and sales by sending professional and accurate handyman job estimates. Download our free printable handyman estimate templates to customize estimates for specific odd jobs. 

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Download free editable handyman job quote templates

Download and customize our free contractor estimate templates to suit your specific project. Our business estimate templates for contractors are pre-formatted so that you can add, edit and remove sections as you wish. Our free estimates for contractors are available in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Microsoft Word and Google Docs. 

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Editable free estimate templates for handymen in a range of file formats

Prepare a professional handyman estimate for clients with our step-by-step guide below:

  1. Assess handyman services requested by the client – Make a list of all tasks and odd jobs that could cover assembling furniture, fixing leaks, repairing drywall, painting, installing fixtures and servicing appliances.
  2. Estimate costs – Specify materials, tools and hardware like nails, screws, paint, wood or lumber, pipes, valves or fixtures. Break down labor costs including installation, replacements, leak repair work and system testing.
  3. Add a percentage (5-10%) of the handyman estimate total to cover unexpected issues.
  4. Draft your handyman services estimate – Use our editable free estimate templates to write professional quotes or estimates for handyman services and repairs.

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You can generate pre-formatted and professional estimates for handyman work in minutes. It’s easy to stay on top of handyman work with real-time tracking, online signatures from clients, and secure card payments so clients pay you on time.

As a handyman, you want to make it simple for clients to say yes to a job. Win your next handyman job with clear and professional estimates that include the following key elements:

  1. Your handyman business’ information including any relevant trades certifications
  2. Customer’s information
  3. Estimate number and date – An unique estimate number helps with tracking and provides a reference point when communicating to clients.
  4. Description of handyman services – Detail any repair, installation, assembly, maintenance, fixing and odd jobs involved.
  5. Material costs.
  6. Labor costs including expected hours and hourly rates
    Any additional services and fees for unforeseen issues that are outside the scope of the estimate.
  7. Subtotal amounts of materials, labor, and other charges before adding any taxes or discounts.
  8. Total handyman estimate – Provide the final amount that a client will likely pay. To close out the sales process, you’d formalize the actual invoice amount for handyman services on an invoice. You can use our free handyman invoice templates or Bookipi’s combined estimation and invoicing software to save even more time. 
  9. Terms and conditions – Include payment terms, preferred payment methods, conditions, disclaimers, liability insurance information and clauses for unexpected work.
  10. Other notes – Outline how long your handyman estimate is valid for and any extra information like the expected start date for work.
  11. Warranty information – Specify warranties on materials or guarantees on trades workmanship.
  12. Signature section for client acknowledgment – Requiring a client to sign and date the estimate gives your small business confidence that work on odd jobs and handyman services can commence.

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