Free auto repair estimate templates

Providing business estimates to customers for auto and car repair jobs is an important part of your auto or body shop’s sales process. By issuing business estimates, you also give your customers peace of mind that they’re dealing with a professional mechanic and vehicle repair business.

Download our free printable auto body repair estimate template forms. Save even more time by trying Bookipi’s online estimate generator for free. Get the best pre-formatted but editable auto repair estimate examples. 

Printable & customizable auto repair estimate templates

Download our free car repair estimate templates in a range of file formats like Google Slides, Google Docs, MS Powerpoint and Microsoft Word. Our customizable estimate templates for mechanics include editable sections for customer information, vehicle details, parts and labor costs, and an itemized breakdown of repairs.  

Customize our body shop estimate templates for repair jobs across all vehicle types including cars, trucks, vans, SUVs and motorcycles. Tailor estimate template for a range of repair job types from engine and transmission, to brakes, tires and more. 

Use our step-by-step guide below to create auto repair estimates that are realistic but also protect your auto body shop’s business from unexpected change in costs:

  1. Outline auto repair tasks – Provide realistic time estimates for your repair and maintenance services and include buffer time. 
  2. Add itemized lists of auto parts – List repair materials like AC, heater, oil, muffler, exhaust, battery, key, fob, door and locks.
  3. Add your markup – To ensure you make a profit on a mechanic job, add a standard markup such as a percentage of the total costs, to your cost estimate.
  4. Provide an overall auto repair cost estimate.
  5. Make a vehicle repair estimate – Download our free auto repair estimate templates and customize to your liking for professional business estimates. To save even more time, try Bookipi’s invoicing and estimator software for free. Input information specific to your mechanic job and generate a professional business estimate with a few clicks.

Save time when scoping car repair jobs by customizing our free auto repair estimate templates. Build trust with new and potential customers by providing approximate pricing for auto repair jobs. Our templates for mechanics have all the necessary sections to get you started on making professional auto repair invoice templates. Take your sales process to the next level by automating sending estimates and invoices using our simple software. 

Car and vehicle repair estimates must clearly outline expectations to give clients confidence in your body shop and help you secure work. Key elements on an estimate for mechanics include the following:

  1. Your auto body shop business information
  2. Customer’s information
  3. Vehicle information including make, model, year, VIN and notes around vehicle conditions.
  4. Estimate number and date – Having unique estimate numbers help you with tracking and communicating to clients.
  5. Detailed descriptions of all tasks and provide an auto parts and labor breakdown – List repair parts like OEM parts, aftermarket parts, brake pads, spark plugs and more. Outline required services like oil changes, wheel alignment, engine servicing, diagnostic tests and more. You may specify skilled hourly rates if required.
  6. Additional costs like outsourced specialty auto repairs.
  7. Provide subtotal amounts of auto repair materials and labor costs, before taxes or discounts.
  8. Total auto repair estimate cost – Sum the final amount that a client is expected to pay.
  9. Terms and conditions – Include disclaimers, payment schedules like upfront payment amounts, expected start date and any special offers.
  10. Other notes – State the validity of the car repair estimate and any additional information like warranty policies. It’s also helpful to recommend maintenance periods for the vehicle to show your business’ commitment to offer recurring work and secure repeat business.
  11. Signature section – You should add space for your client’s signature to authorize work to commence. Alternatively,  use our in-built online signature feature.

When you’re ready to bill clients, you can customize our free auto repair invoice templates. Alternatively, try Bookipi for free to save time and minimize mistakes. Use our all-in-one software to generate estimates, quotes, and invoices for auto repair businesses. Make digital estimates for auto maintenance and get paid from anywhere.

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