Marketing invoice templates

Marketing freelancers and marketing agencies rely on invoices to get paid. They need a quick and simple solution to quickly bill their clients for their work.

To help them with that, we built this free marketing invoice template that they can download and use to make invoices for their clients.

They can also use our free invoice generator to make their invoicing process even smoother.

Download free invoice templates for marketers

Below you can see and use all of our marketing invoice templates. We have templates available in a range of designs and formats, including Excel, Word, Google Docs and Google Sheets. All of our templates are free for you to download and use as many times as you need.

free invoice generator

If you still can’t find an invoice template that works for you, check out our full invoice template collection for more. You’ll find invoice templates for different industries along with extra designs.

If you still can’t find an invoice for you, send us a message and we’ll make one for you.

Another option is to use Bookipi to create your invoices. Bookipi Invoice does all the design of your invoices for you.

What does a marketing invoice template need?

A marketing invoice template needs a few elements to be effective. The first thing you should look for is a good design. An invoice’s design should be well-structured and readable so the client can take one look at it and know exactly what is for and what they should pay. A good design will also help make your business look more professional and organised. The second thing you need is all the appropriate information. This means that the template should have sections that you can enter information relating to your business, the client, the services you are providing, what to pay you and how to pay you.

The information your marketing invoice should have is:

  • Your contact and business information
  • Your customer’s contact information
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice issue date and payment due date
  • Marketing services provided
  • Any expenses to be passed onto the client (attach a receipt for proof)
  • The amount of hours you worked
  • Costs for each marketing service
  • Total cost of all the marketing services
  • Any tax payable
  • How the payment is structured
  • Accepted payment methods (with account numbers)
  • Additional information like project timelines
  • Terms and conditions

If you have any additional information that you would like the customer to know, you should also add this to the invoice.

How do I make a marketing invoice?

A quick and easy way to make invoices is using Bookipi’s invoice templates. We’ve included all the key parts of an invoice for you so all that is left for you to do is fill them out. You can add your business details and save it to the template so you won’t need to add them again for future invoices. The other information, like services provided, payment information, costs and client details, will need to be customised per invoice. If you have any additional information to be provided, add this to the template. Assign your invoice a unique invoice number so you can refer back to it later. Before you send it away, read through it and check that no information that could stop you getting paid is missing.

For more information on invoicing, check out our blog posts on what is an invoice and how to make an invoice.

An alternative way to make a marketing invoice is with a free invoice maker like Bookipi Invoice. Simply add the information important to your invoice where the app asks for it. With just that, your invoice will be made.

Benefits of using invoice templates for marketers

A marketing invoice template can be very helpful in improving your business processes. We’ve designed the template for you, saving you time and money by removing the need for you to make it yourself or hire someone else to make it. Your invoices will look clean and professional so your clients will be able to clearly read the invoices. You’ll also look organised and professional with one of our professional invoice templates. Our invoices are custom-made for your industry to include everything that you need.

Invoice alternatives to marketing invoice templates

Marketing templates are not the most practical invoicing solution for marketers and marketing agencies. If you have to bill large volumes of customers or you need to issue invoices regularly, you will waste valuable time by using an invoice template. Invoice templates rely upon a lot of tedious manual entry that you probably don’t have time to do, especially if you are a freelancer. The design is also extremely fiddly and can easily be ruined by adding extra sections or entering too much text. On top of that, they are very difficult to keep organised. You have to make a conscious effort to correctly assign a unique invoice number to each invoice and keep them organised in your system.

Bookipi Invoice fixes these issues. Bookipi invoice is a free invoice app, available on mobile and web. You can use it to create and send an invoice in under a minute. The app takes care of the design for you, saving you time as you won’t need to worry about making your invoice look good. Your customers, business details and items are saved in the app. You can add these to your invoice in a matter of clicks. The app organises your invoices automatically based on invoice number or issue date. Bookipi also has other great time-saving features, like credit card payments, signatures and read receipts.