Free marketing invoice templates

Marketing freelancers and marketing agencies rely on invoices to get paid. Marketers need a quick and simple solution to quickly bill clients for their work.  Creating invoices as a marketer can seem intimidating if you don’t have any accounting or finance experience.  Make invoicing stress-free and download our free marketing invoice templates below.  

You can also try our invoice app for free to make beautiful, concise invoices for clients anywhere, anytime.

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Download free invoice templates for marketers

Our customizable marketing invoice templates are available in a range of file formats, including Word, Excel, Google DocsGoogle Sheets and PDF.

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Free Word marketing invoice template

Free Excel marketing invoice template

Free Sheets marketing invoice template

Free Docs marketing invoice template


Word invoice template for marketers

Excel invoice template for marketers

Sheets invoice template for marketers

Docs invoice template for marketers


Microsoft Word marketing invoice template

Microsoft Excel marketing invoice template

Google Sheets marketing invoice template

Google Docs marketing invoice template

How do I make easy invoices for marketing services?

Making invoices is essential to get paid for your work.  You don’t need to be an accounting or finance expert when you use our invoice templates for marketers.  Invoices should be well-structured, formatted and have the right information to ensure you get paid. The information your marketing invoice should have includes:

  • Your contact and business information
  • Your customer’s contact information
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice issue date 
  • Payment due date so your client knows the deadline to pay you for your work
  • Marketing services provided
  • The amount of hours you worked
  • Costs for each marketing service
  • Any incidental expenses to be passed onto the client including attaching proof such as receipts
  • Any tax payable
  • Total amount payable by the client and whether taxes are included
  • How the payment is structured including any initial deposit required or any payment schedule
  • Accepted payment methods including bank details if relevant
  • Additional information like project timelines
  • Terms and conditions including special disclaimers

Our free marketing invoice templates includes all the information you’d need to bill clients.  Customize our professional invoice templates for marketers and tailor it to suit your services whether you’re in digital marketing or public relations.  

Alternatively, use an invoice maker like Bookipi Invoice for the fastest and easiest mobile invoicing solution for marketers.  

For more information on invoicing, check out our blog posts on what is an invoice and how to make an invoice.

What are tips for creating marketing invoices?

Billing clients for your marketing services can feel daunting when you naturally prefer creative work versus business administration. Our tips to simplify the invoicing process for marketers include:

  1. Keep your invoices simple – Summarize only the most important information in your marketing invoices. Include the marketing services you provided, the total amount due, and your payment terms to make sure you get paid. Avoid adding unnecessary details that may confuse clients and delay payment.
  2. Be specific – Make sure your invoice provides a clear itemized summary of your marketing services.  You could include any deliverables or milestones you agreed on with your client.  Avoid using marketing jargon and use simple language.  
  3. Include clear payment instructions – You should specify how and when you expect to be paid to ensure timely payments.  It is worthwhile to remind clients that you can be contacted if they need to clarify anything on your invoice.  You can also send gentle email or SMS reminders before the payment due date if your client hasn’t paid yet. 
  4. Follow up with your client around payment – If you haven’t received payment after the agreed-upon deadline, proactively reach out to your client.  A friendly reminder can go a long way in getting paid on time.
You can follow all the tips above when you use our pre-designed marketing invoice templates.  However, invoicing is easiest when you use our invoice maker and organizer, Bookipi Invoice. Simply fill in the details when you’re prompted by our invoicing software.  Your business details, customer information and even invoice items are saved in your account. Input this saved information with a few faps for future invoices.  

The greatest advantage of using Bookipi Invoice maker is the time you save.  Speed up making and sending invoices, and don’t waste time chasing multiple clients with our integrated payment reminders to clients.   

What are invoice alternatives to marketing invoice templates?

Using marketing invoice templates are not the most practical invoicing solution for marketers and marketing agencies. Invoice templates can be fiddly to customize.  It can also be hard to keep your invoices organized.  If you bill many customers and issue invoices regularly, you’d want a faster solution. 

Bookipi invoice is the easiest invoice maker and organizer for marketing freelancers and businesses . The invoice app takes care of the design for you.  You can make, send and organize invoices in one place, and access your history from anywhere. Use Bookipi Invoice on mobile app and web.   Bookipi Invoice also has other great time-saving features including credit card payments, adding signatures, read receipts and payment reminders. 

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