Free contractor & subcontractor invoice templates

Independent contractors and sub contractors need to invoice to charge for and get paid for their work. However, invoicing can get neglected when you’re busy being self-employed.

You can prepare simple invoices as a contractor by downloading our contractor invoice templates for free.  Each of our contractor invoice templates guide you through outlining billing information to ensure you get paid on time by client.  Your invoices will include a summary of your contractor services, pricing and payment deadlines.

Download free invoice templates for independent contractors

Below you will find our collection of contractor invoice templates. Our invoice templates for sub contractors are available in a range of file formats including WordExcelGoogle DocsGoogle Sheets and PDF

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See our complete invoice template collection for sub contractor invoice templates for different job types and industries.

Alternatively, use the Bookipi invoice app to make invoices based on the information you input in our simple app.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Bookipi’s invoice generator provides a versatile platform for creating invoices tailored to your specific needs, including those for contractors. It saves customers and service items for future use, automated calculations for your invoices, send due date reminders and more! By using Bookipi’s web or mobile app, you can easily set it up to your requirements and 

On the other hand, contractor templates are designed with features and sections relevant to contractors, such as project details, labor hours, and materials used. Templates while useful for sending occasional invoices – an invoice software like Bookipi will be more suitable if you have multiple customers, service items or invoices to send.

Using a contractor invoice template saves you time by removing the need to spend time on invoice formats and design.  You don’t have to start from scratch.  Download our invoice templates for independent contractors for free and customize a set invoice template with your business branding and details.

To make an invoice, fill out all the key sections with the contractor services you are providing. Make sure you give your invoice a unique invoice number for record-keeping. Add any job or industry specific sections. For more information, check out our blog posts on what is an invoice and how to make an invoice.

Alternatively, you can use an invoice generator like the Bookipi invoice app.  Everything that your contractor invoice needs is outlined for you to add and generate an invoice in a matter of clicks. You are alerted to any missing important information before you send an invoice. 

Absolutely, we’ve created other invoice templates in various file formats (like Word, Excel/XLS, Google Docs, and Google Sheets) and for different job types that you can download and use. If you need to send receipts for completed payments, check out our selection of receipt templates.


A suitable alternative for small businesses is using specialised invoice software like Bookipi Invoice app.  Make, edit and send invoices on any device including mobile app and web.  All you need to do is add your customer details and your invoice items which are saved in one spot.  Create invoices with a few taps. Bookipi Invoice app automatically organises invoices by invoice number or invoice issue date. You can also set up payment reminders and chase up overdue payments when your clients miss the payment due date. Accept credit card payments so that clients pay you straight from your invoices.

As a contractor, it’s important to send formal invoices to bill clients.  Your invoice should look professional as a representation of your contractor business. Your invoices also need to clearly outline important information that is needed for you to get paid. Details to include on your invoices to get paid on time as an independent contractor include:

  1. Your contact and business information
  2. Your customer’s contact information
  3. Unique invoice number that can be used as a reference point for communications between you and your client
  4. Date/s of contractor services provided
  5. Invoice issue date
  6. Payment due date
  7. Contractor work duties performed or items provided with a brief description
  8. Amount of labour time or number of items provided
  9. Costs for materials, items or services.  You may customize pricing for contractor services to be flat-rate fees or hourly rates.
  10. Total cost of all the line items including goods and contractor services
  11. Any tax payable
  12. Total amount due to be paid by your client
  13. How the payment is structured including whether deposits are required and how the balance is to be paid
  14. Accepted payment methods including bank transfer details
  15. Terms and conditions particularly around payment, including late fee policies. 
  16. Any additional information like licenses that you hold or project timelines
Use one of our free contractor invoice templates to make your first invoice.   Try out our mobile invoicing app for free to speed up invoicing when you have repeat customers and many jobs.

Yes, you can. To ensure that your invoices retain the proper layout and format, it is recommended that you save your invoice as a PDF before you print them.

With Bookipi, you can easily print invoices that you’ve created. Simply click “Print” and select “Save as PDF” to save or choose “Print from…” to directly print the invoice if you have a printer connected to your device – it’s that easy! This feature ensures that you can provide professional-looking invoices to your clients in both digital and physical formats.

While using contractor invoice templates can be helpful for contractors, you may still need to spend time correcting design elements. You may also struggle keeping records of your repeat customers’ details. On top of all this, it can be hard to sort through past invoices when you need to refer to them. 

A better alternative for contractors who have many jobs is using an invoice generator like Bookipi Invoice. Design is taken care of so that you can make professional and concise invoices in minutes.  Your invoice items and customers are saved across multiple devices including mobile app and web.  You can easily add saved item and customer details to future invoices.  Stay organized as your invoices are automatically organised and sorted based on issue date or invoice number. Other great features of our simple invoice maker and organizer include being able to add terms and conditions, signatures and integrate with credit card payments.

Yes, our invoice template allows you to create contractor invoices tailored to your specific requirements. You can modify our templates to include unique elements such as project descriptions, hourly rates, material costs, and more.

By using our invoice generator, you only need to create service items that you provide the first time and they can be reused on future invoices. You can even adjust their prices or add discounts to each service items without creating new ones. Try it out!

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