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Sending professional sales proposals to clients helps you win new work and build your small business’ credibility. Making sales proposals is especially useful when you want to showcase detailed project timelines, visual elements, and prove credibility via testimonials and including a work portfolio. 

Download and customize our free sales proposal templates. Try Bookipi’s online sales proposal generator for free. Get the best pre-formatted sales proposal examples and edit to your liking.

Download free editable sales proposal templates

Download our free sales proposal templates in a range of file formats like Google Slides, Google Docs, MS Powerpoint and Microsoft Word. Our editable service proposal templates include sections that can be tailored for SaaS sales proposals, sales tax proposals, or product sales proposals. 

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Sales proposals are documents used to pitch for new work during the sales process. Small businesses can effectively use sales proposals to convince new clients to proceed with a project or sale. 

Making sales proposals for clients helps small businesses secure new work in the following ways:

  1. Showcase expertise – Our pre-formatted business proposal templates have the necessary sections to highlight your freelance or small business’ skills, experience and unique selling points. You can add testimonials, case studies and your small business’ portfolio of past successes.    
  2. Outline a targeted solution – You can tailor our proposal templates for sales. Respond to specific client needs and clearly state pricing and terms.  
  3. Build trust with clients – Making sales proposals establishes your small business’ credibility even if you don’t eventually win a particular job. Make professional sales proposals that leave a lasting impression on potential clients using Bookipi’s proposal maker.   

Businesses can also use sales proposals for ‘response to requests for proposals’ (RFPs) when pitching for larger projects.

Sales proposals are important to clients who need to evaluate options for projects and therefore choose to hold a RFP process. 

Sales proposals can be solicited or unsolicited. Generally, small businesses would send solicited sales proposals when a prospective client shows interest in your products or services. Using Bookipi’s sales proposal software allows you to tailor sales proposals to specific jobs.   

By contrast, unsolicited sales proposals are similar to sending cold emails. This is because your small business may not have had any prior contact with a prospective client. You can automate sending unsolicited sales proposals at scale using Bookipi sales proposal maker. Make generating sales proposals part of your ongoing marketing efforts to build brand awareness.

Small businesses should use sales proposals during the sales process for more complex projects and/or when you require visual or design elements. Whether you’re a freelance designer who wants to showcase your design portfolio or a construction business working on a detailed building project, sales proposals are ideal for outlining your business’ proposed solution to meet clients’ individual needs. 

Download our free sales proposal templates to customize freelancer and small business sales proposals. Speed up sales proposal creation and store sales proposals in one spot using Bookipi’s sales proposal software. You can even accept card payments from clients for deposits directly in our all-in-one sales proposal and invoice generator. Automatically bill clients for deposit amounts when they accept your sales proposals.  

Download our free sales proposal templates and customize with your small business’ personal touch. Our proposal templates for services have all the necessary sections to make and send a professional sales proposal. 

To speed up the sales proposal generation process, try Bookipi’s all-in-one proposal maker and invoice maker software for free.

Bookipi’s sale proposal generation software guides you through all the elements of making a winning sales proposal.

Sales proposals should have the following sections and elements: 

  1. Executive summary – Include a concise overview that highlights key points. The aim is to show why your services and/or product offerings are valuable to a client.
  2. Problem statement – Identify your client’s needs and show how your proposed solution can address any challenges.
  3. Solution description – Provide a detailed description of products and services, and include features and benefits.
  4. Pricing and terms – Outline any pricing models for your products and services. Include your small business’ payment terms, any conditions and disclaimers.
  5. Case studies/testimonials – Showcase previous successes with similar products or services. Providing examples of your small business’ past work, case studies and testimonials helps highlight the effectiveness of your proposed solution.
  6. Proposed timeline – Outline a timeline for implementation or delivery of your project.
  7. Call to action – Conclude with clear instructions on next steps. Using Bookpi’s proposal maker, your prospective client can formally accept your sales proposal and/or pay a deposit securely via credit card. This can serve as formal acknowledgement that the project can commence.
  8. Contact information – Provide your contact information for further questions or discussions.
  9. Appendices – List any additional supporting documents like detailed technical specifications.

Use our simple sales proposal software to get examples of professional sales proposals. Our sales proposal maker walks you through making a sales proposal step-by-step. Rest assured that your sales proposals are complete and professionally formatted. This frees you up to focus on positioning your business for a successful sale.

When you’re ready to bill clients, you can download and customize our free printable invoice templates. Better still, try our combined invoicing and proposal maker software for free. Keep all your sales documents in one spot.


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