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Invoicing is an important business process for any business.  Professional invoices help your business reputation and get you paid on time for your work.  Download from our collection of free professional invoice templates and make changes to suit your needs. 

For the fastest invoicing solution for businesses, try Bookipi Invoice software for free on mobile app and web.  Make, send and organize professional invoices in minutes. You can even send payment reminders and accept credit card payments to get paid faster by your customers.

Download free invoice templates for professionals

Find our complete collection of professional invoice templates below in different file formats, including Word, Excel, Google Docs, Google Sheets and PDF. Make changes to our free invoice templates with your business’ branding as you need.  

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What professional invoice templates are available for my business and job type?

Download professional invoice templates to suit your industry and job type from our complete invoice template collection including:

Alternatively, try our free invoice app which guides you through the invoicing process.  Make professional invoices in minutes and organize everything in one spot anytime, anywhere. 

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An alternative to using invoice templates

With Bookipi Invoice, you can easily generate invoices and save your customer and invoice details for future use.

One of the toughest problems for businesses is unpaid invoices.  Bad invoicing processes can delay and even prevent you getting paid on time for your professional services.  It’s important to send professional invoices to your clients because invoices represent a clear record of products or services that you have provided.  This improves your business processes in the following ways:

  1. Tracking payments by clients for work provided.  Invoices should concisely state the amounts owed by clients, payment due date and your preferred method of payment.
  2. Strong record-keeping for tax time.  Invoices are important documentation that helps reconcile your income so that you can file your taxes when you need to.
  3. Protects you and your business in the event of a customer dispute.  Good invoices include terms and conditions and special clauses for dispute resolution.  This may be especially important when you provide professional services and rework may be requested by clients.
  4. Builds your business reputation.  Having strong invoicing processes in place reflects positively on your business.  Customers who receive professional and concise invoices can trust that your business is legitimate and organized. 

It’s easy to get started making your first invoice. Download one of our free invoice templates for professional services.  Your invoices will contain all the important information that you need so that your client knows exactly what to pay you. Alternatively, to make invoices wherever you are, try the simplest invoicing app for businesses, Bookipi Invoice.

Your professional invoices should be concise and include the following information: 

  • Your business details including contact information and business logo
  • Customers’ details
  • An unique invoice number for invoices to be readily identified and organized 
  • Invoice issue date
  • Payment due date
  • An itemized list of the professional services provided and any relevant products or materials used
  • Number of hours worked for professional services or quantity of goods provided.
  • Breakdown of costs of the professional services or goods
  • Any taxes due according to local government tax laws for your business
  • Total amount owed by clients including tax payable
  • How the owing payment is structured including any deposits requested and a payment schedule if payments are to be made in stages
  • Payment instructions including accepted payment methods (cash, credit card, check, bank transfer and more)
  • Terms and conditions 
  • Any additional attachments or information that may be relevant

Want to learn more about invoices? Check out our blog to learn what is an invoice.  

Customizing professional invoice templates still takes your time to tweak to suit your individual business’ needs.  The standard document creation software like Microsoft Word or Google Docs aren’t designed to make invoices. When you have many invoices to send to clients, you should consider invoice generation software like Bookipi Invoice.  Make and send professional invoices in minutes from any device including mobile app and web.

Save invoice items, customers and your business information in one spot.  Add invoice information and generate invoices instantly.  It’s also the easiest way for businesses to stay organized with automated invoice numbers and sorting functionality.  

The best part about using Bookipi Invoice for business? You can track payments, add payment reminders and even accept credit card payments to ensure clients pay you on time.  Improve your business invoicing with pre-designed, professional invoices that are saved in one central spot.  

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