Small business expense tracking and budgeting

Connect your bank feed and manage your expenses and budget from your smartphone. Sync it with Bookipi Invoice for a seamless overview.

Control your business in your hands

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Manage your money

See where your money is going and where it is coming from. When you connect your bank feed, your transactions are listed and categorised in Bookipi Expense. Know what you spend your money on and what’s costing you.

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Save time

You won’t need to manually add a transaction ever again when you connect your bank feed. You’ll cut down on admin time and be able to get a quick look at your finances whenever you need. All you need to do is open the app.

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Create a budget

Reduce your spending by creating a weekly or monthly budget for your business. We’ll tell you when you get close to your spending limit. Bookipi Expense also has charts and breakdowns of how you spend your budget.

The easiest expense and budget software for your business


Track your accounts and spending in one place. with ease; using multiple wallets for multiple occasions, you’re guaranteed to never lose track of your spending.

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Easily create monthly or weekly budgets for your business. We’ll notify you when you are nearing your limit.


You can log and categorise each entry as either an expense or income, as well as the type of expense or income they are. Connect your bank feed and do this automatically.
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Charts & Breakdowns

Each wallet has a unique daily breakdown of monthly income & expenses; so you can analyze your monthly financial activity with ease.


Take photographs of receipts and add them to transactions. If you ever need to find it again, simply search for the transaction.
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Generate instant summaries of your wallets with a tap through our CSV exporting feature.