Free expense tracker & best budgeting app

Get the easiest free app to track small business & personal expenses.  Manage your expenses and make a budget on the go. View all of your expenses in one spot with multiple secure bank connections.

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Know your money with our free expense management app

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All of your expenses in one spot

Know what you’re spending on with our secure, real-time feeds to your bank accounts. 

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Save time managing your money

Don’t waste time summarizing expenses across all your bank accounts. Add multiple bank feeds & view your finances in app.

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Stay within your budget

Make spending limits & know when you’re close. Visualize spending with our charts & expense breakdowns.

The easiest free expense tracker & budget app

View & manage
all expenses
in one place

Track your expenses and spending through secure bank feeds from anywhere. Use Bookipi’s unlimited “wallets” to separate work vs personal expenses, and for different reasons or projects. 

Keep on top of your spending whether you’re budgeting for a personal vacation or tracking business expenses for a project as a consultant.

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Make a simple
on the go

Create monthly, weekly and regular budgets for your small business or for personal use. Make unlimited budgets with different spending limits. 

Track expenses against budget over time. Get notifications when your spending is close to your budget limit. 

Organize expenses
with categories

Categorize expenses for easy expense organization and tracking. 

No need to reconcile messy bank statements across all of your bank accounts.  Simply connect multiple banks feeds for automated categorization of expense and income transactions. 

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Visualize spending habits with
expense summaries

Simplify personal and small business budgeting with our chart and graph expense breakdowns. It’s easier to see expense trends and anomalies visually.

Analyze your monthly expense and finance activity for your small business and for personal use. 


Take photographs of receipts on the go, and add them to transactions for easy reference. 

Our money management app helps with record-keeping so you’re more confident during tax time. Search transactions by date and name, and find attached photo receipts. 

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expense reporting
& summaries

Generate instant summaries of your expense ‘Wallets’ and export data in CSV format.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

About expense tracker apps:

Bookipi expense app is the best free expense manager app for iOS in Apple store and Android in Google play store. Our expense tracker app can be used for small business budgeting and for personal use. It’s easy to organize expenses for different purposes. 

Use our free business expense tracker app to stay on top of different business expenses for different projects using our Wallets feature.

You can also use our money management app to track personal expenses and get healthier spending habits. Being able to split business and personal expenses is handy for freelancers, the self-employed and contractors.  

Connect multiple bank accounts to our expense tracker app to see your spending in one spot. Your expense transaction line items automatically flow through to the expense tracking app with secure and real-time bank feeds.

An expense tracker app shows your actual spending over time whereas a budget tracker helps you plan how to spend and save. Bookipi expense & budgeting app combines both into one convenient and free mobile app. With our free budget app, you can create a spending limit and be notified when you’re nearing this limit with our expense tracking.

About Bookipi Expense and budget tracker:

In the Bookipi Expense app, wallets are a way to group expenses for a purpose or project. With wallets, you can separate business or work expenses from your personal expenses. You can break down expenses further into more specific projects. For example, you can have a wallet each for: ‘Work – utilities’, ‘Work – supplier’ payments, and even ‘Personal – Hawaii Vacation’. Add a wallet and expenses with our simple user guide.

Bookipi expense app is the best free expense manager and budget maker combined in one mobile solution. It’s simple to set up with secure bank account connections. Our money manager app means that you can see all expenses in one spot and visualize spending over time. Our free mobile app is the best way to track expenses for your small business or work and for personal spending.