Bookipi Group - Our Story

Bookipi Group is on a mission to make the easiest online tools for small businesses to run their business from anywhere.

We're on a mission to make the easiest small business software

A small business journey to success

The founder and CEO of Bookipi Group, Tim Lee has experienced many diverse career changes.

Tim was an actuarial student in Australia. He started his own successful trades business to pay for his studies. As a small business owner, he experienced small business frustrations first-hand and knew that things should be easier.

Tim set out to make small business apps that are enjoyed by thousands of global customers. Throughout the many changes in Tim’s career and start-up adventures, one thing is certain. Tim is determined to build and share simple tools for small businesses.  

Solving small business problems

Tim managed a successful tiling business with up to 14 employees as a tradesman in Australia. Owning a small business is both challenging and rewarding. As a natural problem-solver, Tim wanted to fix things like billing clients which had been hard for himself as a business owner.

As a tradesman, Tim realized that simplicity and being mobile are key priorities for small business owners. He learned how to code and design by himself. He created the simple invoice maker app, Invoice Bee released in July 2016.

Tim juggled the joys of parenting while building Invoice Bee into a successful mobile app. Armed with this success, Tim set his mind on building something bigger.

Bookipi Invoice success & start-up funding

The best all-in-one invoice maker and organizer software, Bookipi invoice app launched in 2018.

After being 100% bootstrapped by founder Tim, Bookipi Group then raised an oversubscribed seed investment in 2020. Bookipi software is now used by thousands of freelancers and small businesses globally across 179 countries. 

Bookipi Group continues to grow 

Bookipi Group has evolved to offer a suite of small business software. Bookipi software includes:

This has all been achieved by the amazing Bookipi team which has now grown to over 30 employees worldwide.

The team at Bookipi Group are persistent and share the desire to help small businesses succeed doing what they love. These are the same values that inspired the creation of Bookipi Group from the very start. Join our team today.