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Sending professional sales quotes are important to close new business and win customers. Making, sending and changing quotes is simple with Bookipi. 

Generate sales quotes in minutes, invoice customers & get paid in one software. Try Bookipi for free.

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Easiest quoting software for small business

Use Bookipi’s quote maker to generate professional pricing quotes. Customers can trust your small business when you use our examples of quotes and other sales documents. 

The best part? Streamline your sales process as our all-in-one software takes you from generating quotes, converting to invoices and even getting paid via secure card payments. Try Bookipi now for free!

Got questions? Head to our FAQs.

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Template for business quotes

What to include on a pricing quote


  • Quote creation date

  • Unique quote number for record-keeping and reference.

  • Business details including business name, address, phone number, email, and other relevant contact information.

  • Client details

  • Validity period to show how long the quote is valid for (e.g. ‘Quote valid for 30 days’)

  • Description of goods & services

  • Itemized list of pricing for goods or services

  • Taxes that may be added to the quoted price

  • Final amount including all charges and taxes.

  • Terms and conditions such as payment terms.

  • You can add space for your customer’s signature and your own signature to demonstrate agreement as the small business owner. In the event of a dispute, a signed business quote by both parties can become a reference point or evidence.

Read our simple guides on sales quotes and get best practice quote writing tips.

Speed up sales with online quote and invoice software

Anyone can generate, track and convert customer quotes into invoices using Bookipi’s combined invoice and quote maker software. Make custom quotes for your small business to impress new and existing clients. 

For quote examples, try Bookipi for free today. 

Automate making quotes from anywhere

Bookipi’s quote generation software ensures that you have the right quotes format. You still have flexibility to tweak sales quotes to suit your job requirements and small business.

Your data syncs across all devices including web app and our free mobile app on ios and android. Make job quotes, invoices & receipts on the go. 

Close new sales faster

Providing customer quotes reduces the risks of disputes over final pricing and allows customers to better budget. Issuing professional customer quotes gives clients confidence in your small business to formally proceed with a sale. 

After sending quotes to customers, it’s good practice to follow up with customers to address any questions, concerns and to close out a sale.

Track quotes, invoices, sales & payments

Our all-in-one solution is not just another online quoting system. Bookipi makes bookkeeping simple with all your sales documents and transactions stored in one place.

Stay on top of outstanding quotes, invoices and payments with our simple reporting features.

How do I create sales quotes for free?

Make sales quotes in minutes

Sign up, create your free Bookipi account & try our sales quotation software for free. 

Our software guides you through our generic quote template. 

Customize your quote

Add your business details, client information, services, and prices. 

Personalize our blank quote format to reflect your brand.

Edit & send quotes

Change, save, download or email price quotes to your clients.  

Our software stores quotes, invoices & all your sales documents in one spot for easy tracking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for generating sales quotes

About sales quotes

Business quotes are formal statements or documents given to potential customers outlining costs for products or services. Small businesses can use business quotes to communicate costs and set expectations clearly to customers.

Quotes are documents that are generally binding. Once a business quotation is accepted, both buyers and sellers are usually held to the quoted fixed pricing vs estimates which are more approximate. Business quotes generally have certain validity. For example, a business quotation may be valid for 30 days from the quote issue date.

Make construction quotes, project management quotes, accounting quotes, IT quotes and quotes for any industry with Bookipi’s versatile quote maker tool.

Business quotes and invoices are important documents which help with the sales process and managing finances.

A quote or quotation formally details the goods or services that a small business can provide its client and associated pricing. A quote document is issued before goods or services are provided but isn’t legally binding. In contrast, an invoice is sent by sellers to buyers after goods or services are provided as a formal request for payment. Buyers are legally required to pay amounts specified on invoices by the specified invoice payment due date.

Price quotes are a fixed offer to sell products or services at specific prices. Business quotes are more definite than estimates and should give clients confidence that costs won’t change.

Business quotes are legally binding once accepted, while estimates are not. Estimates provide an educated range of what a job will cost with the condition that final prices may vary. 

Generally, freelancers and small business owners provide estimates to prospective clients in the early stages of the sales funnel. If a client is more committed to a job, small business owners can issue formal price quotes that can outline clear terms for an agreement. 

Use Bookipi’s invoice and quote making software to generate the right sales document type, at the right stage of your sales process. Send professional sales documents using Bookipi to help your small business maintain clarity and trust with clients. 

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