Small business invoice templates

Small businesses make up the majority of the world’s businesses. One of the key ways that small businesses receive payments is through invoicing. It’s not always easy though to find a great small business invoice template.

To help these businesses out, we’ve made some invoice templates especially for small businesses. The invoice templates are available for you to download and use as you need at no cost.

If you’re looking for a better way to make your invoices, you might want to try our free invoice generator.

Download free invoice templates for small businesses

Here we have our collection of small business invoice templates that you can use for free. We have a variety of different formats from Word to Excel to Google Docs and more. We also have invoices made specifically for certain industries and jobs if you need some more specific to your business. The templates below are free of charge and you can download and customise them as you like.

free invoice generator

If you couldn’t find an invoice that suited your needs, check out our complete invoice template collection for more.

If you still can’t find a particular invoice template, send us a message and we can create one for you!

Alternatively, you can use our free invoice app which designs your invoices for you.

A small business invoice to get you paid faster

One of the biggest problems faced by small businesses is unpaid invoices. However, as a small business owner, you probably can’t afford for your work to go unpaid or to be paid late.

Quite often, the invoice templates available online aren’t made for small businesses. As a result, they don’t always help you reach your end goal of getting paid.

Small businesses are different from larger companies. There are unique details that small businesses need on their invoice templates which you won’t find on other invoice templates. We’ve catered our invoices, especially towards your needs, allowing you to get paid faster.

What do small business owners need on an invoice template?

As a small business owner, you’ll need a few key things on your invoice. These include:

  • Customer details so we know who needs to make the payment
  • Seller details so we know who is providing the services and/or goods
  • The services and/or goods being provided
  • How much of the services and/or goods have been provided
  • How much each of these services and/or goods cost
  • What all the goods and/or services cost in total
  • How much tax is due if any at all
  • How is the payment structured (all in the one payment or made in stages)
  • The issue date of the invoice
  • The payment due date so they know when to pay you buy
  • The invoice number so you can organise your invoices
  • How the payment can be made (cash, credit card, bank transfer, etc.)
  • Any details needed to make the payment (bank account details, etc.)

There are other details that you might need depending on your business. This could be purchase order number and delivery details among others.

Invoices made for small business owners

As a small business owner, you just need a simple invoice template that helps you get paid and manage your income and finances. It must contain all the information that affects how much you get paid, when you’re getting, how you’re getting paid and what you’re getting paid for. You don’t want an invoice that is too simple and forgets key information but your also don’t want one that is too complicated and has fields that you just don’t need.

Bookipi’s invoice app is an even better small business invoice solution than an invoice template. Simply, add everything that you need and the app will organise and design it for. Spaces you don’t need will be removed and spaces you do need will be added.

Benefits of using a small business invoice template

Small business invoicing is important. It helps you get paid for your hardwork and keeps your business running and successful. Chances are that you’ll want to continue to grow your small business and good invoicing processes will help you streamline your business processes and workflow. You’ll save time and energy that you can dedicate to more important things! You can also reduce the need for an accountant because your business income will all be clearly there for you.

Clean invoicing is also good for client relationships. Your well-designed and professional-looking invoices show your client that you are organised and professional. When your invoices are structured well and clearly written, your clients will be able to clearly see what they owe, what they owe you for and how to pay you. They’ll be more likely to pay you on time and continue to work with you in the future.

If you want to check out some more of our templates, you can do so here. We have templates in a variety of designs and formats.

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Invoice alternatives for small businesses

Invoice templates are not perfect for every small business, especially if you are regularly invoicing clients. You likely don’t have much time to spend making invoices and it can be extremely time consuming to enter all your invoice data into a template. You might also have trouble keeping your invoices organised and it can be extremely easy to make an administrative error.

An invoice generator like Bookipi can solve these problems. Bookipi Invoice is available on both mobile and web and can be used to create invoices in under a minute. Bookipi Invoice lets you save your customers and items so you can save time by adding them using one click. Invoices are automatically sorted by either issue date or by invoice number. If you need to make a receipt, estimate or a quote, that can also be done in the mobile app. You’re also able to credit or PayPal payments to the invoice so your customer can pay you in a few clicks. Design is done for you leaving you with beautiful and clean invoices.