Free invoice templates in PDF

Many small businesses rely upon invoicing to get paid. These businesses need good invoicing solution. To help them out, we’ve created some free PDF invoice templates that are both practical and professional-looking. You can download, use and send the following invoices as much as you want at no cost.

However, PDF templates are not the most practical invoicing solution for small businesses. For a free alternative that will save you time, try an invoice generator like Bookipi Invoice.

Download free invoice templates in PDF

Below is our collection of PDF invoice templates. The templates are available in a variety or designs and formats. You can download, customise and use the invoice templates as you please for free. The templates have been pre-formatted and design so all you need to do is fill out the relative sections of your invoice.

free invoice generator

If none of the above invoice templates suit your needs, check out our full invoice template collection. We have a complete range of designs and styles in different formats and for different industries.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, send us a message and we’ll make it for you!

Alternatively, you can use our free invoice app which will create a design for you.

Benefits of using an invoice template in PDF

Using an Invoice Template PDF can help your business in a number of ways. Firstly, the templates have been designed specifically for small businesses. The design is clean and professional-looking while still containing all the necessary information needed in an invoice, particularly all the information that helps you get paid. The invoice is also printable and looks good when it prints. You can download, print, customise and send as many invoices as you want for free.

If you want to check out some more of our templates, you can do so here. We have templates in a variety of designs and formats.

If you want more information about invoicing, check out our invoice about what is an invoice.

We also have information on how to make an invoice and the different types of invoices.

Invoice alternatives to PDF invoice templates

While there are some benefits of using an invoice template PDF, they are not an overly practical invoicing solution. PDFs are hard to edit unless you have the correct software to do so. Even when you do have the correct software, the customisation functionality is limited. Word and Excel are slightly better at this but they still require a fair bit of manual labour. On top of that, all three programs require you to manually organise the invoices you create through them.

A suitable alternative for small businesses is an invoice generator like Bookipi Invoice. Bookipi Invoice is available on mobile and web and lets you create and send invoices in under a minute. The invoices in the app are designed by our design team. All you need to do is add your customer details and your invoice items. Once you add those details, they’re saved for you to use later. Your invoices are all automatically organised by either invoice number or issue date. We also send reminders for overdue payments when your clients miss the payment due date. Bookipi also lets you add a credit card payment, allowing your clients to pay straight from the invoice.