Sales invoice templates

When a sale is to be made, the two parties involved need an invoice to demonstrate and record the transaction.

To help you with making one, we’ve put together a collection of free sales invoice templates.

We’ve also made a free invoice generator if you want to make the invoicing process even quicker and easier.

Download free sales invoice templates

Below, you’ll find our complete collection of sales invoice templates. We’ve got a large collection with a range of styles and formats, including Word, Excel, Google Sheets and Google Docs. All the templates are free for you to download and use as many times as you please.

free invoice generator

If you can’t find an invoice template that fits your needs, check out our complete invoice template collection. We have a larger choice of designs as well as invoice templates for specific industries.

If you still can’t find an invoice template that works for you, send us a message and we’ll make you one.

Alternatively, you can use our free invoice generator which designs and creates an invoice template for you based on the information you add to the app.

What does a sales invoice need?

A sales invoice template must be clear. It needs to logically outline the sale that is taking place. All the information regarding the sale, invoice and template must appear on your invoice template. Essentially, it needs to have all the information that is required to pay you. It also needs to have a good design. This means that it needs to be structured well so that the customer can look at it and with one glance tell exactly what they need to pay, who to pay and how to pay. You’ll also want your invoice to have a professional design as the document in essence represents your business.

The information your sales invoice should have is:

  • Your contact and business information
  • Your customer’s contact information
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice issue date and payment due date
  • Sale items
  • Any expenses incurred that will be passed onto the client (attach a receipt for proof)
  • Quantity of the sales
  • Costs of the sales
  • Total cost of all the sales
  • Any tax payable
  • How the payment is structured
  • Accepted payment methods (with account numbers)
  • Additional information like licenses or project timelines
  • Terms and conditions

If you have any additional information that you would like the customer to know, you should also add this to the invoice.

How do I make a sales invoice?

If you just need to make a quick and easy sales invoice, you can do so using our sales invoice template. There are existing sections for all the important information needed by your invoice. Simply fill it out as you need. Some details you can add to the template and reuse them on other invoice, like your business details. Others, like the sale information, need to be customised every time you make an invoice. Be sure to add in any additional information to your invoice that is relevant to the specific kind of sales business you run. Finally, add a unique invoice number so you can easily sort your invoices at a later date. Before you send your invoice, make sure to do one final check of it to ensure that you aren’t missing any information that could affect the payment.

For more information on invoicing, check out our blog posts on what is an invoice and how to make an invoice.

Alternatively, you could use an invoice generator like Bookipi to make your invoices. With the Bookipi invoice app, you can add your customer’s details and items in a few clicks. All your totals are calculated for you so you won’t need to spend anytime adding up costs. The app automatically assigns an invoice number and organises your invoices as well.

Benefits of using a sales invoice template

A sales invoice template can bring numerous benefits to your business. The design will be done for you, saving you time and money. All of our templates have been professionally designed to be clear and easy to read. Your well-designed invoice template will also make your business look organised and professional, helping your business’ branding. You’ll save time by not having to write up a new invoice every time you invoice.

Invoice alternatives to a sales invoice template

Sales invoice templates are not the most efficient invoicing method. If you’re billing lots of customers and invoices regularly, you need something that saves you time. An invoice template won’t do that for you. Invoice templates require a lot of tedious manual entry that you probably don’t have time to do. They also don’t have the neatest designs. If you need to add a custom section to your invoice, the design of your invoice template can be completely ruined. You also need to manually organise them. It is easy to forget to add a unique invoice number or let them get out of hand.

Bookipi Invoice is a free invoicing alternative. Bookipi Invoice is available on mobile and web and you can use it to create and send invoices in under a minute. The app does all the design for you, saving you time and energy. Your customers, business details and items are saved in the app and you can add everything your invoice needs in a matter of clicks. Your invoices are automatically organised and sorted based on invoice number or issue date. Other great time-saving features that Bookipi has include credit card payments, signatures and read receipts.