Free invoice templates for freelancers

The most important thing as a freelancer is getting paid for your work. As a one-person business, it’s hard to find time to do invoicing on top of managing your freelance work.  We’ve created customizable freelance invoice templates for you to bill clients for your freelance work. Download our free invoice templates for self-employed workers below.  

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Download free invoice templates for freelancers

Our collection of freelancer invoice templates are easy to use for the self-employed and freelancers. We have invoice templates in a variety of file formats including Word, Excel, Google DocsGoogle Sheets and PDF.  Download any of our templates for free and change them as you need.

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Our complete invoice template collection has invoice templates for freelancers in different industries including:

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Download free invoice templates by Job or Business Types

An alternative to using invoice templates

With Bookipi Invoice, you can easily generate invoices and save your customer and invoice details for future use.

Freelancers often need to bill for services provided with hourly rates and provide evidence of hours worked through work logs. An invoice for a self-employed worker should include the following details:

  1. Your contact and business details
  2. The customer’s contact and business details
  3. A unique identifying invoice number
  4. Date of invoice issue 
  5. Payment due date
  6. An itemized list of freelance services provided with their associated costs.  Ensure you provide a log of your freelance hours worked if you bill hourly.  You should also include any costs of products or materials used during your freelance work.
  7. Total payment amount owed by the client including taxes for the freelance project
  8. Payment instructions including payment instructions (cash, credit card, bank transfer and more), your bank account details if it’s relevant and payment structure.  Do you want the payment in stages including a deposit amount, or in a once-off final payment?
  9. Terms and conditions
  10. Any other important attachments including work logs.

Good invoicing processes can set you up well for growth as a freelancer or expansion to running your own small business with other staff.  Clear and concise invoices makes your freelance business look more professional to existing and future clients. Having your invoices in order also makes it easier for your to do your own accounting.  Using our simple invoice templates for freelances can help you achieve the following:

  • Save time by having a prepared invoice that you just need to enter the transaction information into
  • Have better accounting practices that let you better view your income
  • Make your business look professional
  • Have all your services and deliverables clearly outlined for your client
  • Reduce the need for an accountant because you have all your income information in one place

Want to learn more about invoices? Check out our blog to learn what is an invoice.

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Invoice templates aren’t perfect, especially if you regularly send invoices to various clients. As a self-employed worker, you might be wasting time manually entering all of your invoice data every time you send an invoice. Invoice templates can also be extremely fiddly and perfecting invoice design can take time away from your freelance work. You also need to manually organize your invoices when you use an invoice template and it can be quite easy to make an administrative error

Using a mobile invoice maker like Bookipi Invoice saves you time so you can focus on growing your freelance business. Save freelance work items, customers and services in the cloud which can be added to your invoices with a few clicks. Make invoices from anywhere as everything is synced in your account across all devices including mobile app and web.  You can avoid administrative errors using Bookipi’s all-in-one invoice maker and organizer.  Sort invoices by date or automatically generated invoice numbers. The best part about Bookipi Invoice for time-poor freelancers? You can accept card payments direct from your freelance invoices so you get paid on time and spend less time chasing payments.

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