Free landscaping estimate templates

Sending professional landscaping estimates is an important part of your gardening small business’ sales process. Download and customize our editable landscape estimate templates for free.  

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Download free editable estimate templates for landscaping services

Download our free pre-made landscape estimate templates for easy customization. Make and edit professional business estimates with all the necessary information for landscaping services. 

Use our pre-designed gardening estimate templates in Microsoft Word, MS Excel, Google Sheets or Google Docs to suit your landscaping job. 

Editable free landscaping estimate templates in a range of file formats

Create gardening and landscape estimates by following the steps below:

  1. Scope the landscaping project – List design and planning services including making drawings and plans. It could be helpful to outline all tasks involved for softscaping (planting trees, flowers and grass), hardscaping (installing patios, decks and features), maintenance (pruning, mowing and weed control) and irrigation (installing irrigation systems).
  2. Estimate landscaping costs – Calculate garden materials and outline landscaper hourly rates, approximate work hours and fixed costs.
  3. Maintain your profit margin by adding a percentage (5-10%) for contingencies.
  4. Download our free customizable landscaping estimate templates. Edit our pre-formatted estimates and print or send as required. Your gardening or landscaping business can streamline sales and job tracking further with Bookipi’s automated estimate and invoice generator software. Try Bookipi for free to make estimates, accept online digital signatures from clients, generate invoices and get paid via secure card payments.

Provide landscape estimates to clients to earn their trust with your transparency and professionalism. Key sections of a landscaping job estimate include the following:   

  • Your landscaping business’ information including any relevant certifications 
  • Customer’s information
  • Estimate number and date – Track estimates and work with unique estimate numbers. This makes it easier to reference landscaping jobs when communicating to clients.
  • Description of landscaping and gardening services – Detail all landscaping and garden tasks like landscape design, installation, maintenance, hardscaping, softscaping and more. 
  • Itemized cost estimates including material costs (like plants and hardscaping elements) and labor costs. 
  • Any additional services and charges involved in the landscaping work like special treatments, lighting, soil amendment or decorative features.
  • Subtotal – Provide subtotal amounts of materials, labor, and miscellaneous fees before adding taxes or discounts.
  • Total landscaping cost estimate – List the final amount that a client is expected to pay.  This will likely differ to the actual invoice amount for your landscaping job on an invoice but helps provide your client an idea of costs before work commences.
  • Terms and conditions – Include your landscaping business’ payment terms like required upfront deposits, policies for weather-related delays, warranties for workmanship, liability insurance and preferred payment methods. 
  • Other notes – Specify the validity date of your landscaping estimate.  List additional information including required site access and expected start date for any landscaping work.
  • Signature section for client acceptance – It is helpful to request for your client to sign and date the estimate for record-keeping. 

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