Printable invoice templates

An invoice is one of the most important documents as a small business owner. After all, it helps you get paid for your work. Small business owners in particular need to be able to quickly and easily make professional-looking invoices to send to their clients. We’ve created this free and easy printable invoice template for you to use to create, print and send invoices to your clients.

A printable alternative to an invoice template is an invoice generator. Bookipi Invoice lets you create and print invoices for free!

Download free printable invoice templates

You need a printable invoice template that suits your needs. Luckily, we have a large collection of invoices in different formats and for different industries. You can download and print any of the templates for free! We have a range of templates, including Word, Excel, Google Sheets and Google Docs.

free invoice generator

If there is a difference template that you are looking for, check out our complete collection of invoice templates for more. We have templates specific to different industries and jobs as well as invoices in different formats.

If you still can’t find a template that you like, get in contact with us and we’ll make it for you.

Alternatively, you can use our free invoice app which designs your invoices for you.

What needs to be on an invoice?

An invoice is a reflection of your business. Because of this, you want your invoice to be tidy and professional-looking. It needs to look professional and appropriate both online and when it is printed.

Invoices are used to help you get paid. This means that your invoices need to have all critical information for you to get paid.

Your invoice should have:

  • Invoice number
  • Seller contact information
  • Buyer contact information
  • Items and/or services provided
  • The costs of the items and/or services
  • The taxes on the items and/or services if applicable
  • The total cost of all the items and/or services before and after tax
  • Payment instructions
  • Payment due date(s)
  • The issue date
  • Terms and conditions

Once you have all that information, you need to organise it in a way that is clear and coherent.

A buyer should be able to look at the invoice and tell:

  • What they purchased
  • How much it cost
  • How much they owe you
  • What taxes are due
  • How they should pay you

A clear invoice will help you get paid. Clarity means that there will be no confusion about what is owed and what was provided.

What should a printable invoice have?

A printable invoice template needs to contain all the necessary information on an invoice but it also needs to be printable and look good once it is printed This means the invoice template must have large enough margins so that the entire invoice prints and there is no bleed. You also do not want header and footer options turned on as they can cut off parts of your invoice. Another thing to think about is colours. You want to make sure that it is readable when it prints. To ensure this, you need to use colours with enough contrast. If you find it hard to think of these things, you can use our invoice template. We’ve designed it to be both readable and printable!

Benefits of using a printable invoice template

The benefits of using a printable invoice are that it fits the needs of small businesses. The design is done for you. It is pre-formatted to be printable. It contains all the correct information that an invoice needs and it will look well-designed once it has been printed. With Bookipi’s printable invoice template, you can download and print the invoice template as needed for free. However, a printable invoice template is limited. Using an invoice template is not overly effective for businesses that are sending invoices regularly. They can take quite a lot of time to edit and customise. They also are difficult to organise and most of the organising will need to be done manually.

If you want to check out some more of our templates, you can do so here. We have templates in a variety of designs and formats.

Want to learn more about invoices? Check out our blog to learn what is an invoice.

Invoice alternatives to a printable invoice template

While there are many benefits of using an Excel Invoice Template, they are not perfect. Excel is a fantastic data entry software but it wasn’t made for invoicing. Excel invoice templates are not as time efficient as other invoicing methods like an invoice generator. While still quicker than document creation software like Word, Excel still requires you to manually input much of the data and information yourself. When you use an invoice template for Excel, your invoices might not be as well designed as they could be. It might not seem like a lot but your invoices make up part of what your clients see of your business. If your invoicing is messy and unprofessional, your clients will think your business is unprofessional. On top of all that, you have to take ownership of organising your invoices.

If you’re looking to upgrade from a printable invoice template, Bookipi Invoice might be a good option for you. Bookipi Invoice is a free invoice generator that you can use on your mobile, laptop or desktop to create invoices instantly. With Bookipi, you can save customers, items, services, business info and make your invoices with just a few clicks. Your invoices are automatically organised based on invoice number and date, saving you time when you need to find an invoice. Bookipi Invoice also has other cool features like overdue payment reminders and credit card payments. The design of the invoices is done for you so all you need to worry about is the information you are adding to the invoice!