Free legal invoice templates

Legal practitioners and law firms need fast yet professional invoice solutions to bill clients for the legal services they provide.  Our collection of legal invoice templates are free for you to download and customize to suit your business needs. 

Try Bookipi’s invoice generator for the easiest way to invoice. Save time and focus on delivering quality legal work when you can make invoices in minutes from anywhere.

Download free invoice templates for legal services

Customize our free invoice templates for legal firms, lawyers and other legal practitioners. Our legal invoice templates are available in several file formats including Word, Excel, Google DocsGoogle Sheets and PDF.

free invoice generator

Whether you’re a legal sole practitioner or run a law firm, you want to save time billing clients. Use Bookipi invoice app to save details in one spot and generate future invoices quickly. Download and customize an invoice template from our collection that suits your business needs.

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An alternative to using invoice templates

With Bookipi Invoice, you can easily generate invoices and save your customer and invoice details for future use.

Professional invoices ensure prompt payments by clients and foster positive working relationships. Using simple invoicing software like Bookipi helps ensure accuracy and improves your record-keeping. 

The information your legal invoice should have includes the following

  • Use a clear and descriptive invoice title such as ‘Legal services invoice’ or ‘legal fees invoice’.
  • Your contact and business information.  This makes it easy for your clients to reach you if they have any questions around payment. 
  • Your customer’s contact information
  • Unique invoice number. This helps you and your clients easily reference the invoice if any issues arise.
  • Detailed and itemized summary of the legal services provided
  • Any expenses incurred that will be passed onto the client including any receipts or other attachments 
  • Hours worked relating to the legal services provided
  • Costs of the legal services including different charge-out rates for lawyers
  • Any taxes payable
  • Total amount owing by your client including costs of all the legal services and any taxes 
  • Payment terms including accepted payment methods.  Add bank account details if relevant.
  • Payment policies including any late payment fees or interest charges. 
  • How the payment is structured including whether deposit amounts or payment schedules apply
  • Additional information like licenses or project timelines
  • Terms and conditions

For more information on invoicing, check out our blog posts on what is an invoice and how to make an invoice.  

Ensure that you proofread and review your legal invoice so that the payment amounts and due dates are clearly stated.  

Legal invoice templates aren’t ideal when you have many clients to bill or you invoice regularly.  Using invoice templates still require unnecessary manual entry. It’s also challenging to organize your invoices when you already deal with a lot of paperwork as a lawyer.

Alternatively, you could use an invoice generator like Bookipi to make your invoices. With Bookipi Invoice, you can add your customer’s details and items in a few clicks. 

An invoice maker and organizer like Bookipi Invoice is the most suitable invoicing solution for legal practitioners.  Sync your data across any devices including mobile app and web in your Bookipi Invoice account. Don’t worry about design. Simply add customer details and invoice items to the software.  Invoices are automatically generated, saved and organized in one software. There’s no need to tally totals with our app’s automated calculations. You can also encourage on time payments by your client when you integrate credit card payments, accept signatures, send payment reminders and enable read receipts with Bookipi Invoice.

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Bookipi’s Invoicing App is a better alternative to invoice templates, set up once and use anytime. Available on Web and Mobile app. Try it out!