Get paid on time
for your hard work

Your small business customers can pay you straight from invoices and business proposals with Bookipi card payments.

Freelancers and small businesses can know when they get paid, send receipts and follow up on late payments in one spot.

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How to accept payments online in 3 steps

Turn on card payments

Settings → Customer Payment Option

Connect your Stripe account

Login or sign up to Stripe to connect.

Know when and how much you get paid in one spot.

The first transaction may be delayed for verification purposes as part of our secure payments feature.

The best way to get paid on time

Got questions? Head to our FAQs.

5 minute setup    No credit card needed

Get paid on time

➤ Enable Bookipi card payments so that your clients can pay you straight from your invoices, from anywhere. Offering card payment options means flexibility and convenience for your customers.  You can pass on credit surcharges to your clients which is added to the invoice total. 

Accepting online card payments helps you to get paid on time and helps your small business’ professionalism.

➤ You’ll get a notification in Bookipi Invoice app when your client pays you securely via our secure processing partner Stripe. You no longer need to pass on your bank account details to your clients.

Get paid the right amount

➤ Bookipi card payments integrated with our invoicing and proposal maker features. This means that clients can pay the correct invoice amount straight from your invoices and business proposals.

With Bookipi card payments, there’s no risk of clients incorrectly entering bank account details. We’ll verify your small business’ bank details in our onboarding process so you get paid correctly into that account.

Save time

➤ By accepting online card payments with Bookipi, you make it easy for clients to pay you on time straight from your invoice.

➤ Spend less time and avoid awkward conversations chasing your clients for payments.

➤ You can schedule payment reminders to clients and get notifications of any overdue payments.

Simplify small business bookkeeping

➤ Bookipi’s integrated features are the easiest way to reconcile invoicing and getting paid as part of your small business accounts receivable process.

➤ Simplify bookkeeping for your freelance or small business with all invoices and payments tracked in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on accepting online card payments

About Bookipi Online Invoice Payment Processing Software

It’s free for your business to accept Bookipi credit cards using our feature on Bookipi invoice mobile app. However, there are merchant fees associated with payment processing via our secure card processor Stripe. In the Bookipi Invoice app, you can choose to pass any merchant fees to your clients or bear it.

You can also get the full feature version of Bookipi which includes our software on web app with real-time syncing across all of your devices including mobile app. Try Bookipi Invoice maker for free today.

Once you start accepting online card payments in Bookipi, you can automate payment reminders to encourage early and ontime payments by clients. It’s easy to follow up with customers for overdue payments when you can see outstanding invoices from your Bookipi dashboard.

Invoice payment refers to clients paying for goods or services that are provided as stated formally in an invoice. Accurate invoice payments are vital to get paid for your hard work, maintain small business cash flow and keep track of sales. Read our small business guide on how to ask for invoice payment by clients. 

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