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Impress prospective clients with professional and visually appealing marketing proposals to win new marketing jobs. Crafting concise marketing proposals shows that you have a clear marketing strategy and an actionable plan to deliver ROI for your client. 

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Download our free proposal templates for marketing services in a range of file formats like Google Slides, Google Docs, MS Powerpoint and Microsoft Word. 

Our customizable marketing proposal templates include sections that can be tailored for advertising proposals, PPC or paid marketing proposals, content marketing proposals, branding proposals, social media marketing proposals, copywriting proposals or SEO proposals with pricing.

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Marketing proposals for clients are documents that present a plan and strategies for a marketing campaign or project. A thorough marketing proposal should cover marketing plan timelines and pricing to meet a client’s specific needs. Sending clients marketing proposals can be an effective tool to persuade clients of your marketing business’ expertise and help to build your reputation. 

Marketing agencies and freelance marketers should use marketing proposals during sales pitches to potential clients. Marketing proposals should clearly communicate marketing strategy, objectives, timeline for delivering results and key deliverables. Using marketing proposals can help small businesses secure new marketing jobs but can also be useful when entering into partnerships or expanding marketing efforts. It’s important to showcase your marketing agency’s value proposition or unique selling points in a persuasive marketing proposal. Doing this also reflects well on your actual services and marketing expertise. 

Writing a proposal for marketing services is important because it’s not only an effective sales tool but helps you scope out and understand a marketing project. Follow our comprehensive small business guide to make a propoal. Alternatively, use our step-by-step summary below to create a marketing services proposal:

  1. Understand your client and their needs – Have an initial consultation to understand your clients’ business and what your client wants to achieve with the proposed marketing project.
  2. Research your client’s industry and competitors – Knowing your clients’ business or organization, industry, competitive landscape and market conditions will help you tailor an effective marketing solution for your client’s problem.
  3. Develop a strategic marketing plan – Include marketing channels that the client can use like content marketing, SEO, social media marketing and PR.
  4. Outline the scope of your marketing services – State what marketing services you’ll provide and define what isn’t covered.
  5. Define measurable outcomes – Clearly highlight what your proposed marketing campaign or services aims to achieve such as increasing sales by 15% or growing SEO impressions by three times.
  6. Make a marketing proposal – Download our free customizable proposal templates for marketing services for strong marketing proposal examples. The fastest way to generate and send marketing proposals to clients is by trying Bookipi’s marketing proposal software for free. Our simple marketing proposal maker takes you through creating a professional marketer proposal step-by-step. Edit and save changes to your proposal for marketing services from anywhere. Save even more time when you can allow clients to ‘accept’ marketing proposals. You can even get paid deposit amounts from clients directly from the same marketing proposal solution.
  7. Follow up on a marketing job – After submitting any marketing proposal, make sure you follow up with your prospective client. Being proactive to address any questions from your client shows your enthusiasm for the marketing project.

Writing a strong marketing proposal is crucial for small businesses to win new marketing jobs.

Follow our step-by-step guide below to crafting a persuasive marketing proposal with all the necessary sections and elements:

  1. Executive summary – Provide a concise summary of the marketing project, the client’s sales challenges, your value proposition and your marketing service offerings.
  2. Description of marketing solution and ROI justification – List the benefits of your marketing services and highlight how your client’s budgeted amount can lead to a marketing return on investment for your client. Explain how you’ll track progress and any regular reporting on marketing campaign effectiveness. 
  3. Pricing and terms – State whether your marketing services are provided as a fixed cost, hourly rate or retainer. List any fees for extra services like PR or dependencies like a PPC budget. Include your marketing agency’s payment terms, any conditions and disclaimers as to quality of marketing work.
  4. Add case studies and testimonials – Your previous successes and indicators of client satisfaction are a powerful way to demonstrate how effective your services are as a marketer. 
  5. Proposed marketing timeline – Provide a detailed timeline for delivering marketing services. Ensure some flexibility to allow amendments and feedback from clients.
  6. Call to action – Provide clear instructions on next steps like accepting the marketing proposal and your contact information to answer any further questions.
  7. Appendices – Attach any additional supporting documents such as branding guidelines, mood boards, mock-ups, examples of marketing reports and more. 

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