How to send PDF invoices in mobile app

How to send an invoice as a PDF attachment in Bookipi Invoice mobile app

Create and send invoices as PDF attachments in Bookipi Invoice mobile app in 6 simple steps:

6 steps to send an invoice as PDF

Step 1: Create an invoice

Add an item and make an invoice in Bookipi invoice mobile app

Step 2: Select 'Send'

Options for you to send your invoice will appear

Step 3: Click 'Attach PDF' icon

Your invoice is automatically converted to a PDF attachment.

Step 4: Select the method you would like to share the invoice

 You can choose to send an invoice via Email, Whatsapp and SMS.

Step 5: Choose who you will be sending it to

Select the invoice receipients by email, contact number or from your address book.

Step 6: Click 'Send'

Once you’ve reviewed your invoice and are happy with it, press ‘Send’

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