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Invoices are one of the most important documents for small businesses. They help your customers know what to pay you and how to pay you. It also helps you know how much you are owed and manage your income.

Download and customize our free sample invoice templates for your small business. You can also try Bookipi’s invoice maker and organizer for the fastest invoicing solution for freelancers and businesses globally.

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Download free samples of invoice templates online

Get free invoice examples by downloading our sample invoice templates below. Choose from a range of file formats, including Word, Excel, Google DocsGoogle Sheets and PDF.

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What is an invoice?

An invoice is a document given to a buyer by a seller to ask for a payment. A good invoice outlines all details, including who it is between, the products and/or services it is for and how your customer can make payment. An invoice is the document that starts the payment process. 

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What's an example of a good invoice?

What to include on your invoice depends on the industry your business is in. Our standard invoice templates include these necessary invoice details.  Essential things to include on your invoice are:

  • Your contact and business details
  • The customer’s contact and business details
  • A unique identifying invoice number
  • Date of issue and payment due date
  • A list of products and/or services provided with their associated costs
  • Total costs and taxes
  • Payment instructions
  • Terms and conditions

How to make an invoice

An invoice is a key part of the payment process.  This means you need to make it look professional. An invoice is a representation of your business so what you give your client should show that. Adding your logo can make your invoice better reflect your business.

Your invoice must also be clear and easy to read. You can edit our example invoice templates.  Make sure that you have a readable font, colours with enough contrast and a structure that is easy to follow. 

Your customers read invoices to understand how much they need and how to pay you. If they can’t read the invoice or they misinterpret it, you may not get paid on time.

There are several ways organize your list of products and/or services. For large jobs, you may want to group products and/or services based on date of delivery. You can also group similar products and/or services under invoice categories.

By downloading our sample of an invoice template, you have everything you need to make a good invoice. You can use it as a baseline to make your own or you can change the values in it and use it as you need.

Try Bookipi Invoice for even faster invoicing and easier organization.  Save all your invoices, customers and items to use, edit and manage again for future invoices. You also can accept payments when you generate invoices through the Bookipi invoicing app.

What is the best way to make an invoice?

A sample invoice template might not be the best solution for your business. The best way to make an invoice depends on a few things.  Whether you’re self-employed or manage a business with others, you may want to consider: 

Firstly, how often do you invoice? If you invoice on a regular basis, it is much easier to use an invoice maker like Bookipi Invoice app. That way, your invoices are instantly stored in one place and you can even generate repeat invoices.

Another question is how many jobs you have. Bookipi Invoice app is useful for managing multiple jobs.  At tax time, you can access income reports from our invoicing app. 

The most important benefit to any freelancer, self-employed person or small business is the time saved.  Easier invoicing with Bookipi invoice app means more time to focus on your actual work.

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