Business Proposals with Bookipi

Winning jobs and standing out from the competition is a battle that small business owners face every day.

You need more jobs and business opportunities to take your business to the next level.

To take you to that next level and win you more jobs, Bookipi is introducing business proposals on Bookipi Web.

With our new proposal feature, you can design job-winning proposals, add your terms and conditions and set up your billing structure.

Your proposals will look great and you won’t need to spend hours of your time designing or writing them.

Check out all the great things you have access to and can do with the new business proposals feature:

  • Template Terms and Conditions provided by Bookipi
  • Re-use your items and your customers on Bookipi
  • Canva integration – custom cover sheets
  • Create ongoing subscriptions, fixed term and flexible contracts
  • Digital signatures
  • Digital Document storage
  • Integrated payments platform
  • Automated invoice generation based on schedule of items
  • Custom Terms and conditions can be made
  • Upload your standard Contract and use it with your Bookipi account

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