FAQs on sending business proposals with Bookipi’s easy proposal maker

Learn about Bookipi Proposals, brought to you by Bookipi Invoice. We cover frequently asked questions below.

FAQs on sending business proposals with Bookipi’s easy proposal maker

Try Bookipi proposal maker for free to make and send professional business proposals to clients. Our proposal software is ideal for designers, freelancers, salespeople and anyone who wants a visual way to present product and service offerings in a clear sales document. 

You can generate invoices straight from any proposal that you create in Bookipi web app. You can also accept card payments for deposits from clients.

Bookipi’s proposal maker positions you well to win new work. Make professional business proposals to clearly communicate the scope of work, timelines, fees, and charges to customers. Try Bookipi’s simple proposal software for free on a web app. Sending business proposals to clients portrays a professional image of your freelance or small business to prospective clients.

Anyone can try Bookipi proposal maker for free. Our proposal software is ideal for freelancers who earn money from their own skills or service. We help self-employed and small businesses save time when you need to send out sales documents and contracts to customers.

Almost all other proposal software providers on the market don’t support online card payments within a proposal itself. Bookipi Proposal maker offers automatic payments and invoice generation straight from a business proposal.

Google Docs has limited functionality. Bookipi’s combined proposal maker and invoicing solution has the following advantages:

    • Easily add items to business proposals
    • Access professional proposal templates with customizable covers powered by our Canva integration.
    • Version control
    • Get paid securely and conveniently by customers with integrated card payments
    • Customizable legal terms and conditions templates.
    • Track proposals, invoices and payments in one spot

Sign up to try Bookipi web app for free. Access the easiest proposal maker and other helpful small business features. 

The best part of using Bookipi proposal maker is that you can accept and track payments including deposits from clients who’ve formally accepted your business proposal. Our integrated card payments are securely powered by Stripe for your peace of mind.

Yes, to set expiry dates on business proposals by selecting Settings > Proposals >. Then, click ‘Edit’ on the Expiry term. It’s simple to set expiry dates for proposals.

  • You can edit a business proposal if the status of the proposal is draft, saved, sent, or read.

Once the proposal has been accepted, you can’t amend the business proposal except for the payment details. You will need to terminate or complete the original business proposal. Then, create a new business proposal in order to make amendments.

To delete a proposal, select the proposal you wish to delete. Click on the three dots on the top right. Then, select ‘Remove‘. Read our user guide on how to delete a business proposal in Bookipi.

You can access any invoices generated in the Bookipi web app, from any device including mobile app. These invoices are system-generated and can’t be edited to ensure integrity.

Our proposal software is currently available only on Bookipi web app. However, you can view any invoices generated from our web proposal maker, on all devices including mobile app. However, these invoices can’t be edited once they are generated in our proposal software.

Once the agreement section of the business proposal has been signed by the client, your business proposal is set and can’t be changed. Your clients’ credit card details are the only element that can be edited once the agreement has been signed.

You can send a business proposal to multiple people. However, only one person is required to sign the agreement. Learn how to send a proposal to multiple people with our simple user guide.

Once an agreement is accepted your client can edit a business proposal and amend their credit card details. 

As a business merchant, you can also select business proposals and edit credit card details straight from Bookipi Invoice.

Your client may be automatically charged depending on the billing frequency selected. Once a payment has been made, invoices are generated, saved and sent to clients from Bookipi Invoice.

If you don’t want automatic charges to your clients’ credit cards, make sure to select ‘None’ on Billings for a service item when creating a proposal using Bookipi.

Yes, once a client signs a proposal agreement, their credit card is automatically charged at the frequency set in Bookipi’s proposal maker system. Once a client pays, their invoice is marked as ‘paid’ and your client receives an automated receipt by email within 24 hours.

Your clients will receive an automated invoice after the payment has been processed on the invoice due date.

Yes, your small business can make a business proposal without requiring any payment by the client. Simply indicate ‘None‘ in the billing section of the service item in your business proposal.

Payout times depend on your industry and the country that your freelance or small business operates in. Your first payout typically takes about 7 days to reach your account. After the first successful payout, payouts will usually take about 3 business days to hit your account. You can monitor progress of your payouts in your Stripe dashboard.

Stripe may decline to approve payment accounts at times. To check on the status of payouts, please login to your Stripe account.

Your client can edit their own credit card details or you can edit your clients’ credit card details on their behalf as a merchant. Clients can click on the link to your business proposal, click on payments, and update their card details directly. 

Small business merchants who have sent the business proposal, can go to their Proposals page. Then, select the business proposal that they’d like to update. Select ‘update’ next to the payment method.

If a credit card payment is unsuccessful, our system will send an email to the client asking them to update their credit card details. The system will also attempt to charge the credit card again after 3 days, 6 days, and then 14 days. If payment is still unsuccessful at the end of 14 days, the automated charge will be canceled for that billing period. If you have updated the bank details, the system will attempt to charge the new credit card.

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