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Learn about Bookipi Proposals, brought to you by Bookipi Invoice. We cover frequently asked questions

What is Bookipi Proposals?

  • Bookipi Proposals is a tool for you to document and clearly state what you offer your customers and at what price.

  • With Bookipi Proposals, you can generate invoices straight from any proposal that you create. You can also schedule and automate payments.

How does Bookipi Proposals benefit Bookipi users?

  • Bookipi Proposals allows you to clearly communicate the scope of work, timelines, fees, and charges to customers. You can minimise confusion for your customers as you state their needs and goals, and get their confirmation.

  • Portrays a professional image to prospective clients

  • Easy to send proposals and invoices straight from Bookipi Invoice

  • It is free to use when you are signed up with Bookipay.

Who can use Bookipi Proposals?

  • Freelancers who earn money from their own skills or service and need to send out contracts to their own customers. These contracts will specify payment terms and clarity around the scope of work.

How is Bookipi Proposals different?

  • Almost all proposal makers on the market don’t support payments within the proposal itself. Bookipi Proposals offers automatic payments and invoice generation straight from the proposal.

Why can’t I just create and send an estimate or a quote using Google Docs?

  • Google Docs has limited functionality. Bookipi Proposals has the following advantages:

    • Professionalism – our templates have customizable covers with integrations with Canva.

    • Version control

    • Easily add items to Proposals

    • Security and convenience as customers can accept and pay directly in the Invoice app

    • You can track payments

    • Customizable legal terms and conditions templates.

How do I create a proposal?

  • Firstly, you need to sign up for payments on Bookipi to activate the proposals feature. The best feature of Bookipi Proposals is the security and assurance it provides in managing payments when your clients accept your proposals.

  • Once you have activated Bookipay you can create your first proposal. It’s easy and only takes a few minutes to create one.

Can I set an expiry date for the client to accept the proposal?

How do I edit a proposal?

  • You can edit a proposal if the status of the proposal is draft, saved, sent, or read.

  • Once the proposal has been accepted you cannot amend the proposal except for the payment details. You will need to terminate or complete the original proposal and then create a new one in order to make amendments.

How do I delete a proposal?

  • To delete a proposal, select the proposal you wish to delete, click on the three dots on the top right and select ‘Remove‘. Check out this guide for assistance on how to delete a proposal.

Do the invoices on proposals sync with Bookipi Invoice mobile app?

  • Any invoices generated from proposals will be accessible on Bookipi Invoice web and the mobile app. These invoices are system-generated and cannot be edited to ensure integrity.

Can I use Bookipi proposals on the mobile app?

  • Proposals are only available from the Bookipi web app for users who have payments activated. You can see any invoices generated from proposals on the mobile app once they are generated but these cannot be edited.

How can I update the client’s card details for automatic payments?

  • Once an agreement is accepted your client can go back into the proposal and edit the card details. As the merchant, you can also select the proposal and edit the card details straight from Bookipi Invoice.

Will my client’s card be automatically charged for any invoices created through Bookipi Proposals?

  • The client is automatically charged depending on the billing frequency selected. Once the payment has been made, invoices are generated and saved in Bookipi Invoice and sent to your client. If you do not wish for your client’s card to be automatically charged then make sure when creating a proposal to indicate ‘None’ on billings for that service item.

Once the service item is paid, do my clients receive a receipt?

  • Yes, once the client signs the agreement then their card will be automatically charged at the frequency set on the system. Once the payment is made the client will receive the paid invoice and the receipt by email within 24 hrs.

Will my clients get sent an invoice before their card is automatically charged?

  • Your clients will get an invoice after the payment has been processed on the due date of the invoice.

Can I create a proposal without an automatic payment option?

  • Yes, by indicating ‘None‘ on the billing section of the service item on the proposal.

If I don’t sign up for Bookipay, is there an alternative way to use proposals?

  • You need to sign up for Bookipay to use the Bookipi Proposals feature

Can I change/update a contact’s details once an agreement has been signed?

  • Once the agreement has been signed, the proposal is set and cannot be changed. The only thing that can be edited once the agreement has been signed is the card details.

Can we add many people to a proposal?

  • You can send a proposal to multiple people but only one person will be required to sign the agreement. How to send a proposal to multiple people.

I signed up with Stripe for my proposals when should I expect to receive my funds?

  • Payout times are dependant on your industry and the country you are operating in. Your first payout will typically take about 7 days to reach your account. After this payouts will usually take about 3 business days and can be monitored through your Stripe dashboard. Learn more at Stripe

It’s been over 14 days and I still have not received my funds.

  • At times Stripe may decline to approve payment accounts. To check on the status of your payment account please login to your account on Stripe.

How do I edit the card details?

  • You can edit the client’s credit card details as a client or as a merchant. For clients, they will need to go into the proposal link, click on payments, and update their card details. For merchants, they will need to go to their proposals page, select the proposal they would like to update, and select update next to payment method.

My client’s payment was unsuccessful. Will the system try to charge the account again?

  • If the card payment is unsuccessful, the system will send an email to the client asking them to update their credit card details. The system will also attempt to charge the credit card again after 3 days, 6 days, and then 14 days. If at the end of 14 days it is still unsuccessful, the automated charge will be canceled for that billing period. If you have updated the bank details, the system will attempt to charge the new card.

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