Tips to make your side business look professional

Have you ever been really good at something? I mean really good at something and decided to make money from it. Do you have a hobby that turned to generate revenue? It is no secret that technology has afforded the ability to have us “shine” with our talents and skills, but there is a right way to help your side-business look more refined and polished to the world (and yes, when you put yourself out there, it is very easy to have national or global exposure thanks to the internet).

Here are a few tips to make your side-business look professional (which will also help make it look more trustworthy):

Give your business/product a name

People love familiarity, especially with products. Naturally, we have this innate desire to have names for things we love. Have you ever asked someone for the perfume, shampoo, or soap they use (especially when it smells really good)? Or have you asked anyone for a referral to a photographer because you like their photos or what applications used to make their photos or Vlogs look great? Isn’t it a bummer when they cannot remember? Or if they say, it was from a friend, family member, or friend of a friend and they are unsure if it is something they do all the time? Would you want someone to speak regarding your side-business that way? I certainly would not if it had the full potential to generate a lucrative or semi-lucrative income.

If you do not have a name, how does what you sell or the service you offer look reputable? How are people able to confidently speak on your talent or your product? Consider the importance of having a name and what/who it will be a reflection of. Basically, how would you want your brand remembered?

Incorporate a logo or photo

There are moments when brands begin to sound the same or similar; therefore, making it difficult to stand out. Yes, it happens. Have you ever began to tell someone about something you found out about or use, but you cannot remember the full name to provide it? You may spend a few minutes looking online, but you find there are so many similarities in the partial name you sought so you start narrowing it down by logos or photos.

When your product or business is not remembered, a logo becomes the face. This, of course, is optional and it can be very informal (meaning not professionally done), however, your side-business will have more of a professional and polished look if it has a “face”.

Social media marketing

Do you spend a good bit of time on social media? Do you share your side-business information on your personal social media page(s)? When in business, one of the most difficult things to maintain is a professional social media presence. Trust me, I know first hand how difficult it is to balance between multiple social media sites for personal use and to add another for business automatically feels overwhelming.

So, here lies the problem with posting your side-business information on your personal social media pages…it gets lost. It gets lost in your day or night outings with family or friends, lost in your travels, lost in your food pics, lost in your word post…lost in your life.

If you want your side-business to stand out, establish at least one social media page for it. You can still post to your personal site(s); however, solely having your product or service posted separately will show your talent and skills without having to scroll through your personal life (especially if you post a lot of messages or pictures that personal and unrelated to your side-business).

Business/information cards

One way to have people remember you and/or your brand is to leave a reminder…a business card. If you prefer to only promote your brand and information on where to find your brand, you can also provide information cards (which will not have your name affiliated, but solely your brand information).


In the past, business cards were very expensive and often had to be bought in large quantities. Now, you can purchase as little as 50 to 100 cards for under $50 and in varying designs to support your side-business.

Leaving a lasting impression or reminder after discussing and/or providing your product or service will make it easier for them to share your brand. It will also connect customers directly without having to look for you by name, brand, or logo/photo, especially when it is because of a referral. It is not a secret that word of mouth will often generate revenue that social media cannot measure to. Word of mouth is like a binding trust for those who purchase having bought from you before. So little money in the effort, yet so great the possible outcomes.

Invoice app 

Use an invoice generator

If you have a side-business and you really want it to have a professional appearance, nothing says “business” more than the way you accept payments and provide receipts. Having the ability to quickly accept all forms of payments (especially cash) is something all side-businesses should have and want.

Use an invoice generator like Bookipi to quickly invoice clients, accept card payments and send instant receipts.  You can provide clients with customized invoices with your branding and logo. The best part is that while the money you receive may go into your personal account, you are able to determine exactly how much you make from your side business.

All in all, how you treat your side-business and what you want it to grow and become will depend on how you build it, promote it, and market it. There are so many side businesses that have become bigger than what people have dreamed. Why can’t it be you and what you provide (whether product or service)? Make your side business look professional and watch it grow. Like anything, what effort and work you put in is the outcome you get out.

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