Record a payment & send a receipt

How to record a payment and send a receipt in Bookipi Invoice

Follow our steps below to record payments and send receipts after an invoice has been paid by your client:

Record invoice payments & send receipts

Step 1: Select your invoice

Swipe of the invoice you would like to record a payment of.

Step 2: Tap the money symbol

Mark that you want to record an invoice paymnet

Step 3: Tap 'Record as fully paid'

Tap this selection to mark the invoice as paid

Step 4: Review the client's email address

Double check the client’s email address.

Step 5: Send the receipt!

Tap ‘send’ to send a receipt to acknowledge invoice payment.

Try Bookipi’s easy combined invoicing software & receipt maker for free. Refer to our simple user guide for sending receipts to clients.

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