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Learn about our free Bookipi Mini Websites and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We’re currently not accepting any new applications for free mini-websites.

All Bookipi Invoice users can sign up for a free Bookipi mini website to help your business look more professional and find you more work.

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With a mini-website, customers can find you on Google and contact you about potential jobs.

Customers can see the services and/or products you offer, the areas you service, and examples of previous work you have done.

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You can also share this mini-website with your previous customers and ask them to review you.

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Create a free mini-website for your business here.

Check out our demo to see what your mini-website will look like once it is complete.

If you need help getting started on your mini-website, check out our tutorials.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Bookipi Mini Websites:

Q: How long does it take to be approved?
A: Approximately 48 hours.

Q: Can I manage the reviews about my product?
A: Yes, you can approve them before they are published on your page.

Q: How do I change my email address?
A: Click on ‘Edit Profile’. Edit your email in the email section. Confirm your new email by clicking on the link that was sent to you.

Q: I just updated my mini-website but the changes aren’t live yet.
A: Any changes to your will need to be approved before they get published. This is to prevent misuse of the site and ensure that your website is of high quality.

Q: Can my customers contact me through my mini-website?
A: Yes, all messages you get will be emailed to you

Q: How do I change my password?
A: If you are logged out of your account, click on Lost your password on the login page. Enter your username or email address and you will be emailed a link to reset your password. Alternatively, if you are currently logged in, click on ‘Edit Profile’. Then, click on ‘Set New Password’.

Q: How much do the mini-websites cost?
A: They are free!

Q: Do I have to be an existing Bookipi user to create a mini-website?
A: Yes, we will not be accepting any businesses that do not use Bookipi.

Q: How do I delete my mini-website?
A: Go to Items. Click on Trash.

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