How to make a free website with AI

How to make a free website in minutes with Bookipi

Learn how to create free websites for your small business with Bookipi’s AI website builder with our simple user guide below.

Steps to make a free website for your small business

Step 1: Sign up to use Bookipi's AI website builder

Sign up to try Bookipi web for free or log in 

Step 2: Click 'Create website'

Select ‘Create website’ in the left-hand panel of  Bookipi Web app.

how to build your free website - step 2v2

Step 3: Edit your location

Your current location will be auto-populated based on your IP address. Click the ‘pencil’ icon to edit your location if it is not correct. 

how to build your free website - step 3

Step 4: Enter your business description

Our AI powered website builder will generate a new business name and website for your freelance or small business based on your entry. Providing more detail will help you get better results!  



Step 5: Select 'Next'

Click ‘Next’


how to build your free website - step 5

Step 6: Edit your business name for your website

Our tool provides an instant name generator. A company or business name is automatically populated but you can also edit this field to your current business name or something else.


how to build your free website - step 6

Step 7: Click 'Create Website for Free'

Hold tight while our AI website builder creates your website. This should take under 30 seconds!


how to build your free website - step 7

Step 8: And it's ready, now make it yours!

Welcome to your new free website! 

You can access your website Settings from the menu on the left. On mobile you will have to click the menu icon to the left (three lines) to open the menu. 

You can edit the contents of your website including each individual section, text, images, buttons and links from the ‘Content’ section.

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