How to create mini-websites

Learn how to create mini-websites in Bookipi Proposals

We’re currently not accepting any new applications for free mini-websites.

Before proceeding with this tutorial, make sure you have completed the steps in our how to register for mini-websites tutorial.

Step 1: Go to Items

Step 2: Click ‘Add New’.

Step 3: Add your ‘Business name’ as the Title.

Step 4: Enter a description for your business and the kinds of services you offer in the large text box.

Step 5: Add the Type of business you run in the Excerpt.

Step 6: Add your logo to the Item Image.

Step 7: Enter your address. Click ‘Find’ to mark it on the Map.

Step 8: Add your email address that you want customers to contact you with.

Step 9: Add your Opening Hours if they apply to you.

Step 10: Add links to any social media accounts you have. Click ‘Add New Item’ to add a new link

Step 11: Add any photos that you want to use to showcase your business. Click ‘Add New Item’ to add a new photo.

Step 12: Add the products/services you offer in Features. Click ‘Add New Item’ to add a product/service.

Step 13: Scroll to the top. You can preview your site, save as a draft or submit for review.

Once your website is approved, you will be able to share it and make updates.

Learn how to edit your mini-website.


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