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Bookipi Web Subscription Questions

Q: When do I pay for a Bookipi subscription?

A: Once you create more than five documents (i.e. invoices, estimates, etc) in a month on you will be prompted to subscribe.

Once you enter your card details, you will be billed automatically. Fees are required to be paid in advance.

You will get access to unlimited document creation under that plan.

Q: How do I pay for my Bookipi subscription?

A: When subscriptions are live on your account, select the plan that you want and input your card details. Your card will be charged automatically and will renew on the first of every month.

Q: Will my card be automatically charged each billing cycle?

A: Yes, on the first of every month. If you need to cancel your plan, you must do so before the next billing cycle to avoid having the fees charged for that period.

Q: Will I be able to access my historical invoices if I don’t buy a subscription?

A: Yes, you can access all historical invoices and reports. You will only have to pay if you create a 6th invoice on the web app.

Q: What are the fees involved?

A: Subscription of $9.99 USD plus applicable taxes per month, renewed from the first of every month.

Q: I only have 1 invoice. Is there a free option for me?

A: Yes! You can create up to five for free each month on Bookipi.

Q: What will I have access to if I don’t pay for a subscription?

A: Yes! Bookipi provides a large number of features for free

  • Including the Bookipi Invoice Mobile App

  • Quotes

  • Estimates

  • Proposals

  • Invoices

  • Reports

  • Accepting Credit Cards

  • Requesting Deposits

  • And much more!

Q: When I pay for a subscription will I get an invoice?

A: You will be asked to enter your credit card details and your card will be charged at the start of each billing period. Any payments for subscriptions will generate an invoice that you can download from your Subscriptions page under Settings.

Q: What happens if I need to remove an invoice in the middle of my subscription?

A: When you pay for a subscription you will be paying for unlimited invoices upfront until the end of that month.

Q: I don’t create invoices every month and it varies each month. What options are available?

A: The subscription allows you to create unlimited invoices, if you feel as though you will not be creating an invoice then you can feel free to cancel the subscription before the end of the billing period to avoid being charged. Please note that subscription charges renew on the 1st of each subsequent month regardless of the date you subscribed.

Q: Is there a credit card surcharge on subscriptions?

A: No, there is no credit card surcharge on subscriptions.

Q: When I subscribed I received a $0.01 charge on my account, what is this charge?

A: This is an authorization charge to verify your card by our payment gateway Stripe and will be returned shortly after it has occurred.

Q: If I have stopped using Bookipi, will I be charged any fees?

A: If you have paid for a subscription and want to cancel, make sure you go to the Subscription Management section in Settings and deactivate your subscription to prevent future charges. You can reactivate at any time and you can still create invoices on our Free plan.

Q: Do I have to pay for reports?

A: No, reports are available for free on

Q: I’m a not-for-profit and I don’t have a credit card, can you accept any other forms of payment?

When you pay for Bookipi the checkout accepts credit cards and debit credit cards, like Debit-Visa or Debit-Mastercard. The bank that holds the bank account for your NFP should have issued you an access card that is a debit-credit card for situations like this. You can use this debit-credit card for your Bookipi subscription.

Q: If we opt for the subscription but choose to cancel before the month-end, will we get a pro-rata credit?

A: You can cancel your plan at any time. When you do, your current plan will last until the end of the current month.

Q: If I have multiple companies on one account would I need to subscribe for each company?

A: Each active company on your account generating more than 5 invoices a month will require a subscription.

Q: If I have multiple companies under my User account would I need to subscribe for each company?

A: Each company on your account generating more than 5 invoices a month will require a subscription.

Q: If I cancel my subscription on one company will this cancel my subscriptions for all companies on my account?

A: No, if you would like to cancel your subscription for multiple companies on your account, you will need to make sure to cancel your subscription for each company.

Bookipi Invoice Mobile App questions

Q: Is the Bookipi Invoice Mobile App free?

Bookipi Invoice Mobile App is free. If you have previously signed up on, all your data will be available on the mobile app when you log in.

Q: If I have an account on how do I switch to the Bookipi Invoice Mobile App?

A: Our Bookipi Invoice mobile app is free, and if you have already signed up on, all your data will be available on the Bookipi Invoice Mobile App when you log in using the same login you use for

Q: What are the differences between and the Bookipi Invoice Mobile App?

A: The following features are available on

  • Generate an invoice,

  • quote,

  • credit note,

  • estimate,

  • Delivery note,

  • purchase order,

  • proposals,

  • request deposits,

  • recurring invoices, and

  • administering multiple companies.

Proposals, request deposits, recurring invoices, and multiple companies are only available on

Q: What devices can I use the free Bookipi Invoice Mobile App on?

A: You can use the app on a mobile device or a tablet device. Our app is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Q: I’m currently using the Bookipi Invoice Mobile App. Can I still access the Reports on if I am not subscribed?

A: Yes, the reports feature is available on the Free plan on

Q: Do you have any plans for monetizing the Bookipi Invoice Mobile App?

A: The Bookipi Invoice Mobile App has free unlimited use.

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