How to filter proposals

How to filter & sort business proposals in Bookipi

Learn how to filter proposals with Bookipi Proposals with 2 simple steps.

Steps to filter proposals

Step 1: Select Proposals

Navigate to the ‘Proposals’ section of Bookipi web app.
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Step 2: Filter your proposals by customer or status.

Select the drop-down that you wish to sort by.

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Sort by status

There are 10 status types that you can choose from:

  • All status: View all your proposals in one go.

  • Draft: Proposals that have been created and “save and continue” have been selected at any point of the creation process.

  • Saved: Proposals that are finalised but have not been sent to the customer

  • Sent: Proposals that are finalised and emailed to the customer

  • Read: Proposals that have been read by the customer

  • Accepted: Proposals that have been accepted by the customer

  • Declined: Proposals that have been declined and marked as declined on the proposal

  • Completed: Proposals that have been marked as completed

  • Terminated: Accepted proposals that have been terminated

  • Unsuccessful: Indicated by a red dot next to the amount figure. This indicator shows that an automated payment for a proposal hasn’t been successful

The numbers next to the status indicate the number of proposals currently on this status.

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