Bookipi Web Update – new UX and more!

Note: We are gradually rolling out the changes below. If you haven’t yet been given access to the changes below and you want early access to the update, please contact our support team.

The Bookipi web app is looking better than ever!

We’ve given the Bookipi web app a makeover so it’s even easier for you to send invoices from your laptop or PC.

Your data is synced between the mobile and web apps so you can access your account no matter where you are.

Check out all of the great changes in this update:

  1. New and improved design
  2. Central dashboard – get a quick snapshot of your invoices over time!
  3. Multi-company management – manage more than 1 company in Bookipi
  4. Set up BookiPay from the web app – accept card payments on your invoices

Try the new and improved Bookipi web app today!

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