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As much as “money makes cents”, so does the ability to provide your clients and customers with error-free invoices and receipts. After all, “presentation” is a professional factor and that matters tremendously in small business.

What is also important, is having the ability to quickly acknowledge (and record) an immediate indication of payment as soon as it is made. Why? Because no matter who you are, what you do, and what you pay for, you want to know your payment went through.

Think about it. How many times have you gone shopping and swiped your card, paid cash, or had an app scanned and immediately wanted validation of your payment? Exactly…the feeling you just had is the same feeling your customers and/or clients have when they pay you.

If you’re a small business or a company that does business with other businesses (or even individuals), it is crucial that you are using the best receipt maker app on the market. Here are some of the reasons that using a receipt maker can equal success for your business:

Customer satisfaction

Your most loyal customers order multiple products or receive professional services from your company consistently (especially if it’s for hair, skin, or nails). For this reason alone, it is crucial that you provide them with detailed, itemized receipts that can serve as a record of their transaction. I know crucial sounds a bit over-the-top; however, consider the ease in customers reordering without having to worry remember everything they purchased in a specific order. Trust me, they will not only be grateful; but also refer others to your business.

Branding strategy

Wouldn’t you love for your customers to remember your business after a purchase transaction is conducted? After all, not only are repeat customers the best customers; they are also the link to other potential customers. Bookipi’s invoice app  is a great place to start when it comes to available business apps for efficiency.  Within the app, you are able to “Record a payment” and then be prompted with a ‘Would you like to send a receipt?’ message and within one tap the receipt is sent.

I know you are wondering how does that make for better branding, right? Did you know that by using the Bookipi app, you are able to instantly customize your invoices to reflect your business’s brand, including your own logo, tagline, and contact information so your customers no longer have to go searching for your information the next time they want to place a new or previous order? It is certainly a way to be remembered. So, why not only have peace of mind for customers;  when you can have peace of mind for yourself with a hassle-free template that will decrease errors and increase business efficiency.

Track inventory 

If you regularly make sales from your physical business location or provide services as freelancing business, it is important that you have the ability to provide an invoice, provide a receipt, and account for the inventory of what you have sold outside of traditional methods (in-store, online, etc or work ) or a service you have provided. After all, there is nothing worse than wondering what you sold and what you need to restock (especially when your sale is of multiple products) or work you have completed that requires consistent invoicing, but perhaps having different titles.

With the Bookipi app, you are able to track inventory or services and also be able to receive payments and provide an electronic receipt. The electronic receipt immediately allows you to see what was purchased or provided if you enter specifics in the “description” field of the invoice; thereby making it much easier to refer back to receipts at a time when it is convenient for you.

Better audit preparation

Although no one ever hopes to be audited by the IRS or other auditing federal auditing bodies, having your electronic receipts organized in one place and standardized in appearance will help you tremendously should you find yourself in an audit situation. There’s nothing worse than having to track down a dozen paper receipts or worse, provide receipts that are incomplete or missing vital information.

A quality receipt generating app will provide you and your customers with all of the important details of each and every transaction. So if you want to stay organized, a good receipt maker app will streamline your business operations and be cost-effective enough that it will save money while doing so. I want to also note, with an electronic receipt making app, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you are helping the environment by reducing the use of paper. After all, is there any better combination than helping businesses, clients/customers, and the environment?

The invoicing app, Bookipi, was not created to only benefit your business, but also to benefit your customers. So why not choose to join the hundreds of thousands benefiting from this free app. I also want to reiterate again that though Bookipi is not  a “receipt maker” app, it will generate receipts automatically as soon as the purchase is paid by the customer/client or you mark an invoice paid and select “yes” to send a receipt (in the instance you are paid a check, money order, or cash). The set-up is quick and easy to customize for your business (or use the ones available). No matter the decision, make your business more efficient today by investing in one of the best business apps available!

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