How Bookipi helps Myrtle Weddings create life-long memories for customers

While many business owners in the early stages struggle to balance their time, effort and finances, Myrtle Weddings was doing just that for their own business and for all of their customers!

Founded in 2015, Myrtle Weddings specialise in event planning and business management.

They understand that planning your wedding can be an extremely stressful process for couples, and their aim is to take away that burden. 

Carved out of their corporate firm, Corporate Connect Events, they realised they needed a more intimate way to connect and communicate with their couples.

This was when they decided to branch out and started Myrtle Weddings.

Every celebration should come with sweet memories worth remembering. We are here to make that happen!

The Perfect Match

How Bookipi helped Myrtle Weddings create life-long memories for their customers

While their business was thriving, the administration of the company was in need of a proper bookkeeping system.

During their search for a system, they came across Bookipi!

It has helped us to easily send out invoices, track payments and revenue. Its an easy way of tracking your annual or quarterly targets for your business.

Bookipi has helped Myrtle Weddings focus on doing what they love – curating wonderful, stress-free memories for their clients.

The best thing about owning our own business is the excitement and sense of achievement we get from helping make their special day.

Check out Myrtle Weddings’ website.

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