How to send invoices and mark invoices as sent in Bookipi mobile app

How to make and send an invoice on the go

Learn how to create and send an invoice in Bookipi Invoice mobile app in 5 simple steps below:

Steps to send invoices in Bookipi mobile app

Step 1: Create your invoice

Tap the plus (“+”) button. Add your customer details and invoice item/s. 

Step 2: Click 'Preview'

Review your invoice before sending

Step 3: Tap the 'Send' button

Send your invoice

Step 4: Click 'Send'


Invoice Mobile App - How to send an invoice and mark as sent - 1

[Optional: Choose the method of sending the invoice (Whatsapp, SMS, Email, PDF attachment or share to other platforms)]


Step 5: Mark the invoice as 'Sent'

Marking the invoice as ‘Sent’ will automatically archive your invoice

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