How to send invoices from Gmail

Learn how to send invoices straight from Gmail using the Bookipi Invoice Gmail add-on

Learn how to save even more time using the Bookipi Invoice Gmail add-on.

We’re proud to be the first invoice maker for Gmail add-on.

Sign in with your existing Bookipi Invoice account and find all of your data (invoices, customers, items, etc) synced instantly.

If you’re new to Bookipi Invoice, you can sign up using the Gmail add-on.

How to create and send an invoice with the Gmail Add-on:

Step 1: Install the Bookipi Invoice Gmail add on

Step 2: Compose a new email and/or open an email from a customer you want to send an invoice to

Step 3: Click on the Bookipi Invoice add-on

Step 4: Add your items

Step 5: Review and when you’re happy with the details, press Send.

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Alternatively, make invoicing and tracking invoices even easier by downloading the Bookipi Invoice mobile app on iOS, Android.

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