Starting a small business as a mum

Starting a small business as a mum isn’t easy

Work at home mums who run their own businesses have been on the rise over the past few years.  There’s a reason why it’s the best time to start that small business you have been thinking about.

Lindsey Camden is a passionate mother of 3. Lindsey’s workplace let her go, shortly after she fell pregnant with her third baby. However, she didn’t let this discourage her. Instead, she got up and decided to achieve something for herself.

For a long time, Lindsey wanted to decorate and make cookies, but she never felt she had the time, until one day she gave herself 12 months to design and make a hundred cookies. This is how her ‘Hundred Cookie Project’ business was born. Lindsey is an inspiration to all the mum’s out there who are thinking of running a business.

portrait of business women
Lindsey Camden, owner of Hundred Cookie Project

My motto when it comes to business is bite off more than you can chew. There are so many people that think ‘Oh God I can’t do it, I can’t take the plunge.’ You just have to. You have to put one foot in front of the other and just dive right in.

We’ve captured Lindsey’s inspiring story on film. Watch it here:

Husband’s support is crucial

James Camden, Lindsey’s husband is a very supportive husband. He didn’t support Lindsey so she could make money, but because he wanted Lindsey to achieve something for herself.

Look, I believed in her, so I knew it was going to be a success. But, I didn’t think it she’d be making the kind of dollars she’s making every week now.

Lindsey is significantly contributing to the family income now with her small cookie making business. James would bath the kids, read the books, and put the kids to sleep so that Lindsey could work on her business through the night.  This small sacrifice from James allowed Lindsey to live out her dreams as a mother, wife and businesswoman.

Running a business at home with technology


Lindsey uses technology to run her business. She uses her iPad, iPhone, and multiple apps to cover all the digital parts of her small business. She believes anyone is able to run a business from home now due to the advances in technology.

Technology is definitely a huge part of my business. People don’t need a shop front anymore. You can do it at the tip of your fingers and that’s incredible.

Bookipi Invoice helps Lindsey save time

Bookipi is an invoice app that saves time for Lindsey every day. Being a mother of 3 and not having any time during the day to generate invoices she looked for an invoice app that could help her business.

Bookipi being an invoicing app, it just makes my life so much easier. It makes my life easier because I can invoice anywhere, I can go to the playground and have one eye on my kids and one eye on my iPhone and quickly draw up an invoice at the same time. That’s priceless.

Bookipi has the vision to support all small businesses around the world. We’re currently supporting over 179 countries around the world and we hope Lindsey’s story inspires more mums to start working on their dream.

Tips from a successful mum & businesswoman


Lindsey recommends using social media and blogging platforms to show your work. She also believes that beautiful images are the most important way to get the trust of potential customers. Lindsey spends a lot of time shooting and editing her photos to make sure they look perfect before sharing them on social media. Check out her Instagram here @hundredcookieproject 

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