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In such a fast-paced world, it can feel impossible to build a business that stays relevant.

It takes hours of research, time, and effort to keep up with the constant changes happening around the world.

Kawande Lane, the owner of Fast Lane a full-service wedding and event planning business, shares her story

From humble beginnings to the next level

In 2003, Kawande began to notice a sore lack of event management companies that took care of the whole event. With her knack for event planning, creativity, and professionalism, she saw an opportunity. 

We started because there were no one stop event planning services in our area. As a license cater, we wanted to incorporate the decor modular as well.

She began her business in 2012, starting small within her own home, before expanding to the fabulous catering and decor business it is today. From weddings to children’s parties, Kawande organizes catering, decor, and stationery. She prides herself in always putting her client’s needs first. 

When beginning a new company, business owners can feel intimidated by the amount of learning that is required of them. Kawande found herself experiencing that same challenge, but it did not deter her from pursuing her dreams.

Bookipi makes business easy

Kawande found Bookipi in 2019 when she noticed a friend using the app.

Seeing how easy it made it for her friend to run her business she decided to give it a go. 

I love Bookipi for its easiness.

Words of advice from Kawande

Kawande believes the best thing about starting her own business is the fact she has better control over her business processes.

Her advice to other business owners is: 

Never give up.

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