Crafts by Jude: a small business with big dreams

Judy Pearce has worked since 2014 to create a successful business and something she can be proud of.

Crafts by Jude primarily sells home decor, health/beauty products, and gifts.

She first started selling her products at her local markets in Queensland, Australia.

When word got out about her unique products, her business began to grow. 

With media exposure through her website, Instagram and Facebook, her passion for handmade products only increased, as too has the variety of what Crafts By Jude sells.

When Judy reflected about what she struggled with most in the early stages of her business, she said that getting her name out there was not easy.

For many small businesses, this is a common struggle.

Networking and marketing, especially as the sole stakeholder, can be difficult, especially if you have a limited budget.

Nonetheless, Judy persevered, and over 6 years later, Crafts by Jude continues to impress their customers.

Bookipi has supported Crafts By Jude, by giving her the necessary tools to run her business with ease.

She was in need of a way to easily invoice her wholesalers, and in 2018 that’s where we came in.

Bookipi makes invoicing so easy!

Judy has loved being able to run her business from the comfort of her own home.

Her advice to other budding entrepreneurs is to follow your dreams and passions.

Check out their Crafts by Jude on their website and on Facebook and Instagram.

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