How Wonita Started a Business During a Pandemic with Bookipi

For many of us, 2020 took a toll on our emotions, work-life and wallets.

For Wonita Stirk, 2020 was full of ups and downs.

Due to the pandemic, her previous business was struggling to make enough money.

However, during this time, she also saw an opportunity to start a new business.

She began sourcing quality handmade products from small vendors for her new business, The Treasure Chest.

Based in Cape Town, the company sells artisanal handmade lifestyle products, monthly subscription boxes and unique gifts.

Humble beginnings

She got her first few customers by building traction on social media and marketing the products she sourced from other small businesses.

Like many small business owners, she is passionate about her products and where the business can go.

However, managing the financial side of the company is neither fun nor her forte.

At the same time, she was also trying to learn how to use technology to create a brand for Treasure Chest.

She needed a no mess, no fuss invoice/receipt/record solution.

Wonita Stirks Success Story - Starting a Business During a Pandemic

Stepping up with Bookipi

I don’t like paperwork. Bookipi, through a simple system, allows you to keep tight tabs on outstanding funds, those who have paid and what gross turnover I have done. So much easier than a computer based system as I churn out invoices whilst sitting at a coffee shop.

For Wonita, Bookipi keeps the paperwork up to date and neat, ensuring her money is organised.

You don’t need to be an expert to figure out how it works.

I love that Bookipi is simple, user friendly and quick to use. Love the professional look of my invoices and how easy it is to give the clients their receipts.

Wonita loves the freedom that being your own boss offers.

Being able to choose your working hours, not having to report to anyone and having creative freedom are just some of the benefits.

Wonita particularly loves creating relationships with her diverse suppliers and listening to the stories that inspired the making of their products. 

Her advice to other business owners is to simply use Bookipi!

Check out The Treasure Chest on Facebook and Instagram.

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