How this music producer is making waves

Founded in 2020 by music producer Vincent Tavatsvanga, Deftwave specialises in recording and tutoring artists, mixing music and sound design.

Vincent and his team work globally to help upcoming musicians build their careers by making the recording experience effortless.  In mid-2020, Deftwave officially registered their business and they were up and running. 

Looking Professional

How this music producer is making waves in his industry - Bookipi Success Story

One of the biggest challenges many businesses face is managing their finances.

Vincent was looking for an efficient way of keeping track of their spending, income and managing administrative tasks.

Bookipi sets itself apart by requiring no accounting knowledge and this is why it was perfect for Deftwave.

It allowed them to focus on building their client base and company.

Bookipi takes care of all transactions. It allows me to do invoices, quotes, calculations of profits and tracking of the financial state of the business. I love that Bookipi is easy and that you don’t need to be an accountant to use it. It even has tutorials!

Vincent and his team love the flexibility of owning their own business and that they work in a field that can transform people’s lives.

Their advice to other business owners is to simply just use Bookipi.

Check out Deftwave’s website, Facebook and Instagram.

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