How Ryan is growing his business with Bookipi Invoice

Online marketplaces for homestays and vacation rentals have created countless business and income streams for property owners and managers.

Ryan Whelan recognised this coming change early on and started his Airbnb business in 2011.

While running his own Airbnb properties, Ryan realised there was an opportunity to provide management and cleaning services to other Airbnb owners.

Like many small business owners, Ryan prefers to grow his business and is constantly looking for the best ways to handle the business’ admin tasks.

That’s where Ryan’s company comes in, providing a range of cleaning, maintenance and management services.

Taking the pain out of admin

Like many small business owners, Ryan finds it hards to keep up with admin tasks.

He needed a way to manage his work and invoices as well as a simple method for taking payments.

In December 2019, he found Bookipi. As soon as BookiPay launched Ryan activated the fast and easy card payments for his customers.

I love how it simplifies invoices and keeps a digital record of all my payments.

The excitement of growing a business

Ryan loves the freedom and opportunities that come with being a business owner.

My favourite thing about running my business has to be the potential for growth and setting my own hours.

His advice to other business owners is to simply use Bookipi and BookiPay for quick and easy invoicing and payments.

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