How Nathaniel Corpe built his business with Bookipi

Being your own boss comes with many perks, but the unpredictable cash flow and work it requires can be enough to turn people off the idea altogether.

Nathaniel Corpe decided to take on the challenge.

He went from having $55 in the bank to running his own Hardwood flooring specialist (installer) business.

Like many small business owners, Nathaniel had worked in his field for many years under someone else and was ready for a change.

He was sick of answering to someone else, doing the hard yards, and not receiving the credit.

So, he finally decided to go out on his own.

Nathaniel recalled that this period of time was extremely challenging.

Guided by his passion for hardwood floors, and the satisfaction he got from producing quality work for his customers, he persevered. 

Luckily for Nathaniel, he was able to get in contact with some other experts in his field, who gave him some information and advice on what he would need to start his own freelance business, such as insurance, tools, and a vehicle.

With limited funds, few tools, and no vehicle, Nathaniel had to make some quick money.

Fortunately, he was given a good opportunity to make some cash. 

The first paycheck was big but I spent every penny of it to buy an unreliable van, some used tools, and limited liability insurance along with vehicle insurance.

Every time I was paid after that I continued to purchase more and/or better tools and work on my van.

How Nathaniel Corpe built his business from the ground up - Bookipi Success Story

As he got more jobs, Nathaniel needed a way of managing his customers and money.

I had no idea how to create a quote or invoice or keep track of it all so I had to find assistance.

Thanks to Bookipi I was able to get it done easily and efficiently.

I’m able to get quotes/invoices out quickly, record payments and keep track of everything that has to do with numbers and scheduling within my business

3 years later, through hard work and tenacity, Nathaniel now is completely self-reliant and has received more and more jobs simply through word of mouth.

His number one advice to anyone starting a business is to stay positive and motivated!

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